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Qt at the emmys/plans for tv series

Tarantino To Present At Emmys

Along with CSI’s William Peterson, Quentin Tarantino is going to be a presenter at this years’ Emmy Awards.

“I wanted to make the ‘CSI’ feel like a movie, but it was also important that I not take more time than any other director,” Tarantino, who also had a hand in writing the script and who came up with the story idea, says. “TV is a lot precious about stuff. In a series, if you like the first take, that’s it, move on. It’s also such a different dynamic to be working with actors who have been playing the same characters for five years and know them inside-out.”

Tarantino had such a good experience with the “CSI” folks that he’s already plotting his return trip to television. He hopes to put together a limited-run series where he writes and directs all of the episodes, "like one big arc/novel. Maybe around 12 episodes. I’m gonna look into that next year."

I wonder if this will be the leftover WW2 scripts or something completely different.

I wonder if this will be the leftover WW2 scripts or something completely different.

I didn’t think of that. I was afraid that he was going to skip making Inglorious Bastards as a film altogether and make it into a tv mini-series. But making a series out of what’s LEFT OVER makes a lot of sense and sounds great.

WW2 series? Band of Brothers anyone?

I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again, I hope to God QT doesn’t make his WWII epic into a TV series, that would be a huge let down. However, if he does do that, and it turns out that each episode is a masterpiece, I will hold my hands up and admit I was wrong like a man.


Whatever QT does is gonna be great. If he does TV Ill be there, if he does a big film Ill be there too. Why worry? People keep second guessing QT all the time, has he really let us down yet? He knows what hes doing, hes not gonna dump everything and quit.

Oh yeah! Twin Peaks length episodes, pilot about 1h30, each episode 45mins it could be incredibly good, Tarantino dialougues, Tarantino’s crime stories. I hope it’s not war. A good director making a war film annoys the fucking hell out of me.