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Q.T Bio-Film

Alright this probley wouldn’t happen till he’s died,

but however:

If there was gonna be a film,

Do you think there will be?

How would the plot go?

Exagerated Version -

-There was once a boy born in Knoxville, Tennesse in 63’

-Grew up with his Mom a single parent, cause he killed his dad!

-Physically Damaged his 1st puppy smashing it’s head against the floor (Playing) - not exagerated (Shooting from the hip)

-See’s a bunch ‘O’ messed up movies i.e Deliverence

-Play’s out Large detailed war games with action men

-Goes to kindergaden (KILL’S everyone!)

-Goes to high school (KILL’S everyone!)

-Leaves high school Get’s a job in a Porno Theatre (Kills more)

get’s sacked for being late. (& killling customers)

-goes to James Best acting school…

-Get’s his Video Archives job watches more messed up movies, smashes customers heads against the counter, for late returns

-Kill’s Roger Avary for “wantin to go pee all the time”

-Write’s True Romance sells it to…

-Direct N.B.K wrote after T.R, fuck it sell it Buy’s a Chevy 64’

-Starts really writing about people getting killed

-Meets L.Bender at a BBQ nearly fries him but lets him live,

-Production of Reservoir dogs, nearly kills Lawrence Tierney


-Off to Amsterdam, Yah Mon!

Various parties, hookers, getting stoned & Killing!

-Comes back with Pulp Fiction

-Production of Pulp Fiction, Fall in love with Uma


Chills out, Various parties, hookers, getting stoned & Killing!

-Kills Oliver Stone for Known Reasons!

-Fast foward

-Comes back with Jackie Brown

-Production of J.B 1st meets childhood dream Pam Grier


Chills out, Various parties, hookers, getting stoned & Killing!

-Fast foward 6 YEARS

Comes Back with Kill Bill

-Production of K.B Reunited with Uma,

coincedence Uma splits up with Ethan “Dork”

-Q Kills ethan Hawk

-and the rest…

(For Sure)

Makes a bunch more kick ass movies!


Lives happily ever after with Uma

Anyway thats my take

could be done (without as much Killing!)

& more on F.D.T.D, 4 Rooms ect…


I think if Tarantino makes it, and adds another 50 or so great movies to his career and does some extraordinary things, some people might think of a bio-film after he’s dead

I really doubt QT is going to do 50 more films before he kicks the can. Id say he’ll have 20 films at the most in his filmography before hes gone. Hes 40 now and hes only done 4 films so far.

But I think a QT Bio pic would be cool to see. If I was casting QT Id pick Joshua Jackson from Dawsons Creek as the older QT. I hate that show, but I think out of all the Hollywood actors he looks the most like QT.

A QT Bio Pic if done right could be an awesome film in itself.

UNTITLED QT BIO PIC : The Life of Quentin Tarantino

Over black screen we hear heavy labored breathing,


We hear a nurse over black say: Its a boy Mrs Tarantino!

FADE UP: The doctor delivers the little newborn and gently hands the little baby to the nurse and then to the mother and we see/hear the baby cry in the mothers arms.

MRS T: (Out of breath) Oh, oh…he’s beautiful.

DOC: Well, have you chosen a name Mrs Tarantino?

MRS T: (Heavy breathing) Yes, we’ve decided on Quentin. Me and Tony love Gunsmoke. You know Quint is played by our favorite actor Burt Reynolds, heh heh. Oh, and Im part Cherokee myself…

DOC: Well, that certainly is a creative name! I’m sure Quentin is going to make you very proud one day.

MRS T: Yes…Im sure he will.

We DOLLY BACK and DISSOLVE to a small child sitting in front of a black n white TV.


The little boy watches the Howard Hawks screwball comedy “Bringing Up Baby”. He is entranced and watches the screen like it is speaking especially to him.

Offscreen we hear a voice calling:

MRS T: Quentin Jerome! Your going to be late for Bobby’s birthday party!!

Quentin pays no mind and watches Cary Grant and Katherine Hepburn sing  the funny song, theyre looking for Baby. Quentin giggles.

MRS T hurries into the room and switches off the TV.



MRS T: No buts!

Quentin grabs the package he has for his friend Bobby. Inside is a Green Hornet and Kato mask. Quentins favorite hero is Kato.

CUT TO: Quentin in the car driving to Bobbys with his mom.

CU OF Connie as she sings the song with Quentin on the radio. Connie looks like a dark haired beauty, she also looks like shes kinda tough. Shes dressed in her nurses uniform. All white. Her nurses cap is in the backseat.

Q and C: "Raindrops keep fallin on my head…but that doesnt mean my eyes will soon be turning RED…cryings not for ME…cuz…Im never gonna stop the rain by complainin’…"

QUENTIN: This is my favorite song Mom. When we saw Butch Cassidy and The Sundance Kid last week I loved it so much!

CONNIE: Yeah I know you loved it. You loved it so much you wouldnt even eat your dinner that night.

Quentin looks at Connie and smiles.

QUENTIN: My favorite part is when Butch is riding his bike with that girl on the front.

CONNIE: Uh…Katherine Ross.

QUENTIN: Yep, her.

CONNIE: I liked that part too. You know, that reminds me, didnt you want a new bike for Xmas?

QUENTIN: Well, I did, but Id really like a Kato suit.


QUENTIN: Yes, Kato, hes The Green Hornets sidekick and hes a kung fu master. Kato will kick Batman’s butt!

Quentin does some chopsocky moves.

CONNIE: (laughs) Oh, okayyyy Mr Fu Manchu.

As little Quentin talks on he moves and gets into a rhythym. He explains everything he loves about The Green Hornet Show to his mom.