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Probably a very weird and jerkish question

OK, I have three months to make a documentary…one big problem…im broke. I’ve been asking around and I’ve been able to assemble everything I need except money and a camera, lol pathetic. You see it’s about punk rock, ska, being a stupid kid, the bush administration, military recruits, and the perpetual night before. And I’m living off of borrowed cameras, which doesn’t work because they’re all different kinds and most of them are poor quality. I’ve been trying to talk to local businesses, but I’m not good at soliciting funds, anyway I was just curious if there was any filmmakers in teh chanute, ks area that would be interested in lending me some video equipment or a monetary endorsement, I’m not reall expecting a response, but I thought it was worht a try.

sorry fellow maker but i’m no where near KS but I do have a suddestion for you.

use all different kinds of cameras, combine film and digital literally whatever you can get your hands on, even if you borrow a different one for each day, the more the better i’m telling you. we ran into the same kind of problem 2 years ago, but we had funds, and we still decided to use super 8, a couple of GL2’s, a little handy cam and 35 mm stills to make a doc about the Young Democrats of America National Convention. Needless to say we looked pretty haggard interviewing Jerry Springer about his thoughts on the mounting Iraqi conflict with a GL2 and a camera mounted omni but who cares? He didn’t, in fact he thought it was pretty cool. Same with Hillary Clinton. Its the point grab anything get it into your computer and edit it out. If you think you have nothing to cut to throw some of the stills you shot with your Kodak disposable camera into after effects and move the camera around a bit with a voice over. Trust me after effects is something you can always depend on. Shot on borrowed equiptment gives you a better pitch to.

get out there shoot and make your flick