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Hi everybody. Just out of curiousity, how much pre-writing do you do (if any) before writing the actual screenplay? How much does it help you? Personally I like to write about each of the characters lives and also write a segment; maybe a diary entry as one of my principal characters. Do you listen to music while writing? I have a film on in the background, usually Pulp Fiction, and write throughout the running time. Also I use record cards to write everything that will happen in a specific scene including quotes and location descriptions etc.

So, what do you guys do and how long do you spend on it??

I’ve usually got the whole script done in my head before I put it down on paper. I’ve thought thru the main character and what i want to happen to them and I know the ending. I come up with other characters as I am writing, names, characteristics and also develop them as I write. I see them in my head and who they are as I write, scenes, smells etc.

I make an iTunes playlist for each screenplay. These are the songs i would LOVE to have played in the move and the songs which move me along while writing. They are there to create an atmosphere and are VERY important.

I just finished the Outline for the script I’m working on. The one I posted down below. Deciding what I’m gonna stay away from and how I’m gonna have fun with this whole ‘journey’ film. I work better with an Outline and just going for it. Getting it out of my head and then working on the drafts after that. Cause if I spend time on pre-writing… It will never get done…

I usually write a treatment and back stories for all the main

characters before I actually get into the script.

Its usually all in my head lol if I’m honest. I have (what I think anyway) is a cool idea or concept, and just work on it in my head for AGES. Turn it, flip it, change it around in my head and MAYBE start writing once I’m pretty satisfied. I keep this notebook, which is sort of my thoughts, a diary if you will for the script.

You guys are much more organised though lol. Making me feel guilty.