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**Possible Spoiler KBV1 - alternate ending

I know it’s a bit late for this topic with all the buzz about VOl.2 and all but I still think it’s a good discussion that no one else brought up.






Who else thought expected Vol 1 to end with the bride being buried alive? The moment Miramax announced the film to be split in two, I immediately predicted the ending to act out like the old Batman tv show. You know “same bat time, same bat channel.” Needless to say KBV1 was a masterpiece with a shocking ending; finding out that the Bride’s baby never died.

Anyone else thought that it would’ve finished differently?

actually, that, too, is exactly where I expected it to end.

Especially with all the buzz surrounding the ‘cliffhanger’ ending.

Vol. 2 would have been too short then.

Not really. It would have just been in a different order.

Yeah, QT can pretty much do whatever he wants with endings for KB Vol. 1, because he screws up the time continum so bad that he can just jump back and still get everything in with out ruiining the story.

But I think he wanted that scene to be in the 2nd half, because he feels that Budd is a more important character. I say Budd because the buried alive scene takes place in Texas with Budd.