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PM problems


Seb, what´sup with the pm´s again?

I read the info that I have 2 new message, but can´t read my in box.


Yeah, I have the same pb. Will all the messages again lost ?

Make your best, Seb. Hope you won’t have too much work :wink:


First time I lost about 80 pms and there were some with reviews and some requests for pcs and sigs. I don´t know who want what…

And my “conversation” with 21grams is gone…


i know i know, i just noticed it.

one of the database tables is fucked up again!


Well prolly the storys 21gram and I talk about are too hot for this baord!


Well prolly the storys 21gram and I talk about are too hot for this baord!

And the hottest are to come! :-X


And the hottest are to come! :-X

Yes, yes, yes. So we need our pms back!

And there is enough to talk about our club! s

Maybe we should ask Mr Orange, if he can help out, cuz women on a board NEED pms…


i am afraid this is beyond mr orange’s or my skills but i’ll try my best.

any MySQL professionals in here?



i changed a lot on the technical side… made final backups… and… cleared out all the messages :frowning:

sorry to everyone it is really beyond what i can do, the database crashed and I could not fix it. i changed some things to keep the risk down in the future…

i also have to close the pulp fiction contest now :frowning:


At least you do not know what we chicks of this board are talking about in pms ;D ;D ;D ;D


i can only guess…


no guessing allowed… okay, maybe we can talk in the mod chat about it


arrghh ! I haven’t again no message in my Inbox… And always 2 new messages, but my Inbox is empty ?!


try refreshing your browser


Aw crud. Claudia sent me some wonderful Christina Lindberg pics via PM that I ALWAYS kept there as a token of this forum.

I’m sad to see them go. :’(


here you go laydback --> <LINK_TEXT text=“ … dberg.html”></LINK_TEXT>