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[please read] Regarding exploitation films

Just like talking about Spaghetti Westerns, for which I want to refer you to THE SWDB, I also want to refer you to THE DEUCE to talk about all kinds of exploitation/cult/grindhouse movies. That relieves this forum of some topic-load and helps increase The Deuce’s and the Spaghetti Western Database’s awareness. Thanks

The genre cinema badass trio of websites:

haha oops did you read how old this topic was? is known now as THE DEUCE, you shoul’ve heard of it, if you read our Frontpage.

but thanks for reminding me to update this topic

yeah i was thinking it couldv been the deuce. who does the deuce seb? is it you? a friend? or just a site you linked up with?

me and pete set it up. he pretty much runs it, all i do is chime in everyonce in a while, and do the technical stuff, or i write a review every now and then. he does a great job with it. Tarantino loves it