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Pics Of Us

I’ll post a picture if somebody will tell me how. There’s a picture of me saved on this computer from an email, so how do I put it on here?

You can upload it here for free. Or just send it to a member with own webspace. A friendly one. :smiley:

Even I could upload it for you.

[quote]Seb is sexy (If it’s okay to say so)! How old are you now?[/quote]

haha thanks. i am 20

c’mon girls, post more pictures :wink:

well lets hope she feels better

i bet CPS will never post her pic  :wink:

This is me, acting in like a crappy digital movie i was apart of (as you can see the digital camera quality isnt too bad)

ohhhh the serious actor. Eat your fucken heart out robert deniro  ::slight_smile:

this is from a blooper, which is what most of we shot, cos i suck at acting.

Oh yeah and the flannel isnt mine :o I was playing a hick hunter… ::slight_smile:


This is like, a year and a half back.

Only decent pic ive got though on my comp.

Too bad they caught me off-guard.


we just do the usual rock (mostly covers)


we just do the usual rock (mostly covers)[/quote]

I like your hair, is it still that long?

Do you do Guns n Roses covers?

Thx ;D

Its a bit longer

And no we dont do GNR covers cause our bassist (and lead singer) dispises GNR  :frowning:

Oh, lol, and ive got glasses now

Im a nerd…

Yes, Go Go… you are very attractive! :slight_smile:

^ Asian guy!

Bruce Lee is back from the grave!

sorry, I couldn’t resist

Bruce Lee is back from the grave!

sorry, I couldn’t resist

what about your picture? before you comment on others, maybe you should post yours.

I don’t see the problem with being compared to Bruce Lee. BL was cool. But if crossOver doen’t like it we all should of course stop talking about theoretical similarities :wink:

And to be honest: I continously tell people that Seb when he makes a frown from a certain angle looks like QT.

Naw, just kidding :stuck_out_tongue:

I think Seb wanted to point out that we should treat each other respectfully. And I think he’s right.

new pics of me from my Paris trip

CPS still hasn’t posted…

Claudia…where is the pic you promised?

new pics of me from my Paris trip


looking good! but are you sure that you are in paris or is that poster on the wall not the sagrada familia in barcelona? or is it logical for a poster like that to be in a paris hotel? mmmm lol…

Sup ppl. I need a little help tryin to get mah pic up on this thing. Is there somethin I hav to do with mah pics cuz they already on the comp.

go to get an acount and upload them

then post the link