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does anyone here do any photgraphy? doesnt matter what kind just come here and post your work

heres some of mine


im going to take that as a positive comment lol thanks max!

heres another one mucking around with focus

After seeing your photo of your brothers (?) dog biting on the tennis ball, I knew you were a photographer. It was a quality photo, as are the one’s you’ve shown here. I have always been into photography but have never really taken it up. I spent years looking for the perfect camera for me, but in the end my dad bought me a new phone (Nokia N73) and so that has satisfied my temptations, at least for the time being. It’s not as good as a proper camera, but it does have a Carl Zeiss Tessar lens (3.2 megapixel) and it’s fucking brilliant.

I love taking macro shots, but the closest you can get is 10cm, unlike those cool Sony T9/T10/T30 that can go as close as 1cm!

What camera are you using by the way?

I haven’t really started taking proper photos, most of the time, I might see something I like, snap a shot quickly and then carry on as I was. I haven’t had time to go out there and do it properly. Here are a couple I took randomly with my phone:

<LINK_TEXT text=“ … pening.jpg”></LINK_TEXT>

<LINK_TEXT text=“ … 006532.jpg”></LINK_TEXT>

Wow i loved the second one, the colours were really nice!

I use a fugifilm s6500,its got 6 megapixels with 10.7 optical zoom, its got super macro as well so thats really cool!

Im taken photography next year at school, basically this ive only been taking photos this year to upload on my online gallery theres already a topic with the link to it. Anyways heres the link to the topic <LINK_TEXT text=“ … 994.0.html”>,6994.0.html</LINK_TEXT>

before christmas i only had a 2 megapixel camera which was quite annoying so i would use my phone as well, i have a v3 ravor

I’d love to see more of your work, man. I like what I see.

Maybe you should do more animals? I love animal pictures.

yeah i would like to take more of animals, but thats the only one(s) i have of our dog, i reckon i will do alot this year of animals maybe as an assigment for my photography class or something

heres something i took a few weeks ago

Excellent pictures :slight_smile: Keep them coming

heres one i took on christmas day

unlike alot of my photos i didnt have to muck around in photoshop much with this one

This ones a bit different from my usual work

this ones meant to be a bit wider photobucket squashed it a bit

Very nice pics, but could someone merge this topic on the other photography we’ve already started ?

<LINK_TEXT text=“ … 287.0.html”>,6287.0.html</LINK_TEXT>

You can check the work by other members on this forum :wink:

sorry, i shouldve checked before i started this one i will post my others there

No problem. You can both post your work on the topic, and photos you love. :wink:

i like the first one, the colours are nice and bright, it was a great timed shot and the focus is brilliant!

I got a new Canon XTi digital SLR and a macro lens 60mm. I have been too busy to really horse around with it enough to see what it is capable of, but so far I am impressed. I sell a lot of antique guitar hardware on ebay, so the close-up picture quality really comes in handy with the macro lens.