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Petition for grindhouse

I’ve just heard about the idea of splitting the Grindhouse movie into two.

I’m so angry and almost went nuts that the Wenstein’s really don’t give a fuck about the works of Tarantino/Rodriguez.

It’s just a “getting more profit” kind a thing. There isn’t any motive in that besides that.

They ruin the whole concept.

I want to make an online petition or something, to get some attention.

We should write to Mr. Tarantino or send this petition.

The movie fans are the most important parts in movie making. Movies made for us!

If you know some petition site, or have some ideas about how to start one, please do it.

Thanks for listening…

Once again its not the Weinsteins fault! and here’s the petition:

Wait there gonna split it in US TOO?!?!

No that ain’t true. Still, everybody, sign the petition even in you live in a country that isn’t stupid enough to split it! I emailed A-film, like many other moviefans, the distributor in the Netherlands and they said they get the film delivered in two by the Weinstein Brothers and that it isn’t their fault. I don’t believe it(and even if they get the film delivered in two they could cut them together and show them anyway). But still, it could be the Weinsteins fault. What I’m curious about now is are RR and QT just letting this happen.

The movie business is a profit business. If Tarantino can’t do anything what can a few signatures do. People abroad will just have to wait for the DVD version. Tough titties to all the people across the globe!

You say “if Tarantino can’t do anything” but I haven’t heard him in the media yet…

Note, I used the word “If”. He might, he might not.