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Pawn shop's neon sign

Ok I got the French collector Edition of Pulp Fiction and I don’t know if it’s the same on the US version

in the special features there’s a piece of explanation, maybe that’s why Butch decides to save Marsellus

there’s a neon sign for KILLIAN’S RED, I think it’s a brand of beer

but a few letters don’t work, so it reads KILL…ED

and a second after we’ve seen it Butch picks up a key ring that says…Z!

so the whole message is "KILL ZED"

maybe it’s just crap, maybe it’s true

but I don’t think it’s just a coincidence if this neon sign is here with these letters shut down, I bet Tarantino did it on purpose!

tell me if you’ve noticed it and if it’s on the US Collector Edition, too

Yep, thats old old trivia stuff. I think everyones heard that one before.

As above.