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Paper tigers

Hello, my name is Jason, and this is something I wrote.

Paper tigers

(Part 1)

Romance awakens the unconscious

And in heartbreak it never sleeps

An insomnia of revelations

Shattered promises, we swore to keep

Paper tigers and Icarus wings

Fly to the sun, when the siren sings

Oedipus eyes to navigate the maze of

False bravado, caught in the minotaur’s gaze

Your Prometheus Kiss

Stole the fire from my heart

The eagle is my friend

But you tear me apart

Luscious lips and Freudian slips

Red herrings lead me into loving arms

Denial is the architect of illusion

On a night of cold truth

(Part 2)

Sullen eyes, stung by the sunrise

Crestfallen lovers, under ominous skies

We lost our immortality today

Nine lives withered, and faded away

Precious memories of passion and romance

Wrapped in beautifully decorated cocoons

Safe from the bitterness of regret

And from being devoured, by the cruelty of time

Leeches lurking in sultry eyes

They covet intensely, and rarely compromise

I want to hear it crackle, and smell the cinders

Incarnate illusions, behind benevolent smiles

(Part 3)

Exiled connoisseur, of forbidden pleasures

Scarlet letters carved in flesh

Exploring ancient catacombs of the unconscious

Searching for past lives and forgotten lovers

Scattered throughout the sands of time

Vanquished virtuoso, piecing together fragmented memories

And mysterious dreams, veiled in shadows

Channeling abstract and elusive sensations

To stimulate senses, no longer aroused

By the narrow spectrum of consciousness

Scavenging the obscure corners

Of the aficionado’s abandoned wasteland

Looking for the path to serenity

Tired legs and weary eyes wishing

To be home in your heart

The Paper Tiger thing made me think about the Anime ToraDora…They were surprised when the Americans entered with 300,000 troops, and collected other troops from around the world-5,000 from Pakistan, 5,000 from India, 5,000 from Bangladesh, 5,000 from Egypt, Senegal, and others like Saudi Arabia. The youth were surprised at the low morale of the American soldiers and realized more than before that the America soldiers are paper tigers. After a few blows, the Americans ran away in defeat.