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Who’s got the new Vanity Fair? There is an exclusive in there!

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It seems the official title will have three dots: Once Upon a Time… in Hollywood. Or is this just a Vanity Fair thing?

It is not :wink: a QT thing

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The plot thickens

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A post was split to a new topic: Official posters

Posters get their own topic in anticipation of many more :slight_smile:

Word around the campfire is that tomorrow should once more be a Tarantinoesque day

In case you missed it

The USA Today article also has a new still image

Fandango also has a new image (link to the article)

Gotta go to Slide 35

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Brad Pitt has one

and IGN has one

and this is cool

Yay for Cannes!

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Another pic

But what’s trailer #2 ?

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QT pens letter urging Cannes community to not be a bunch of spoiling dorks

An interesting article, especially when you’ve seen the new trailer…

When you go watch Once Upon a Time in Hollywood for the first time, savor the moment…

Tune in for a conversation

Here is an actual clip from the movie. Spoiler alert

Too bad they edited out all the swearing words…