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One thing about Quentin’s films I like is that he casts ordinary people like:

Reservoir Dogs - His acting coach (who also got hit in PULP FICTION)

PULP FICTION - Zed and his homeboy along with the GIMP

JACKIE BROWN - Ordell’s young phillie from WATTS

KILL BILL - The dude digging up Paula Schultz for Budd

what do you mean ordinary people? Zed is a real actor.

ever seen The Mask? yeah he was in it.

well i like how the ordinary people in his movies look real instead of being beautiful, i.e. the people who gather round butch and marcellus’ car crash. but i dunno bout the people you just said?

is the acting coach the girl who gets shot by marcellus (the same girl who shot mr orange in reservoir dogs)? coz i thought his acting coach was a guy since lee donowitz was based on him

Yeah the Zed guy had also a small part in Usual Suspects and Training Day. He’s a cool cat. If anything, Pulp Fiction featured QT’s acting teacher, who played Butch’s mom. She also played the hostage in FDTD.

[quote](the same girl who shot mr orange in reservoir dogs)[/quote]

That was Tim Roth’s American accent coach…she probably deserved to get shot because that was one of the worst American accents I’ve ever heard in a movie. ;D