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Opening Credits

I’m never really sure what I should be doing in regard to writing opening credits. I had an idea for the perfect title sequence for one of my scripts, but I’m not really sure how to format it properly. Is there something I can write to indicate the beginning and end of the title sequence or should it be left out all together? Any help would be greatly appreciated.


I usually just leave it out but maybe this will help:

Thanks. Yeah I figured it would be more the decision of the director. Shame.

Nah man, its YOUR script, you sort of have license to do it your way. If you got this really cool idea for a title sequence (which, from the sound of it, you do) just go (like it says on the link)-


Blah blah blah. Cool shit. Blah blah blah.


Thats pretty much it. Some people like to use SUPER TITLES, but hey, whatever you like.

The reason is says that on that web link is because its aimed at purely writers. If you plan on making this thing, it doesn’t really matter. Even if you aren’t, it still shouldn’t really matter.

Go write that sequence :wink: