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Old Skit I made

I made this about two years ago to honor a member of another forum who loved Pulp Fiction and Jessica Alba. Most of the jokes you may not get as they are about other members of that forum as well. I just thought I would like to share it with you guys too. It was fun to learn the software and how to edit video, split screen and still pics together. The head you see on Jules body is the Avatar the guy used on the forums, modded to have a jules jerrycurl. It is the first video I ever made and Im still amazed it came out as well as it did. Please take a look <LINK_TEXT text=“ … 5192&hl=en”></LINK_TEXT>

Another fun little image I recently made, lol

Anyone like ass and tits then?

It was ok

Those tits are enormous! :smiley: :-X Puke.

[quote=“Bad Max”]
It was ok

Those tits are enormous! :smiley: :-X Puke.

YOu dont like girls then? They make you puke? Its cool if you swing that way, this is 2007 and all.

I never posted the video here because I knew no one would get the inside jokes. Its only fun for me to look back at my first project and being based on Pulp Fiction I thought I would share.

I like girls I just don’t like circus freaks like the one you posted :smiley: