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Official trailers


I absolutely loved it

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That Bruce Lee impersonation is spot-on!


I love the ending. :joy:


Adding versions in all kinds of languages, let me know if you find additional ones:

Hey FrankieL, does he say what a great F’ing job? Couldn’t hear it all that well. Thanks!

I thought he said: ‘Rick f’ing Dalton.’

The trailer is here

2nd time I am seeing this version of a new trailer, first time was with Greek subtitles, this time chinese… wonder if these independent distributors jumped the gun on it? Might still turn out not to be official… but as long as Sony doesn’t come out with this one there’s some last bit of doubt…

Yes, it’s here, this time from the official German channel of Sony PIctures

other language versions coming soon I guess

Here it is, a new US trailer, but different!


Growing list of trailers and TV spots in all kinds of languages

I love it. I’m excited to see this.