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Official JAPANESE site (with lots of new gimmicks)

i dont know if there is already a topic related to the official japan kill bill site. havent find any. first heres the url

there is also an entry on in the news section.

today I realized some changes on the site. only small ones.

there are three new words to typ in:

  1. kill
  2. bill
  3. a word that starts with ‘w’ but I havent figure out

    maybe you will.

    does anybody realized these little changes??

    So have fun with the ‘w’-riddle

you forgot:


and you need Quicktime and Flash players to enjoy the fun

the “W” word is (Wall)

its a little video of people putting up the poster of kill bill somewhere.

There’s a new update with the words



now there are 2 new things:




The Onitsuka Tiger is a tennis-shoe line from Asics. One Model is called the “Tai Chi Kill Bill color” and the other the “Wrestling-81 LE Kill Bill color”.

So what we have here, fellas, is the frist merchandising stuff for Kill Bill.

Damn I’m gonna get me some… Kill Bill tennis shoes. ::slight_smile:


this is the most inapropriate merchandising i’ve ever seen

it’s the Bride’s shoes! I think this is a very unique and funny idea

It’s cool for fan-girls who eventually want to put together an entire “The Bride” ensemble for wear on Halloween and at comic-cons.

There’s a new window opening in the site with a news and quiz section in it, but in japanese!(Also there is a ‘‘help’’ section with the ‘‘key words’’-they have some of them with grammar errors!)I just noticed :-X that if you type 100 keys, you will see another flash ‘‘thing’’ with pictures by drag and dropping.

Also at the japanese production company ‘‘gaga’’ they have a small flash ‘‘thing’’. It isn’t anything special but propably when the movie comes out they will have more…

Who Knew?

There’s an update there with new keywords and new goodies! Check it out!

Anybody speak japanese?

i don’t.

you’re welcome.