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Official German website (wallpapers, interview, trailer, etc)


really nice




Wow, that was one terrible trailer

Is the movie gonna play dubbed only or will they release both versions?


Here in germany only few cinemas play movies in English, almost all films are dubbed.


i like in the interview how the guy after he shakes QT’s hand, just speeds off and is up and almost gone before QT even gets out of the chair.


Here in germany only few cinemas play movies in English, almost all films are dubbed.

ah, that’s a shame. But if you live in a big city you’ll get a chance to see Death Proof in english? Cause watching a Tarantino movie dubbed would be a bit like watching a splatter movie edited to pg-13…


19. Juli? I thought it was 26th of July??

I have to find a cinema that shows the english international version, should not be too hard. it sounds horrible in german, jeez.

in the interview on the site QT says “you are the lucky ones”, referring to non-US moviegoers who will see the long cut. that’s the way I feel about this too.


cool little interview on this website


I think the interview is from the Italian press tour.


i wish i saw the uncut version, i bet it’s a lot better.


well really only few chances to see the movie in english. some theaters show one film once a week in english, some smaller ones do it regularly and in bigger cities like munich you’ll find theaters that only show original versions. but in general, i guess most people will see that horrible dub


Arlenes voice is disturbing. Her original voice is THAT hot! And the dubbed one…you know, kurt himself could better dub her voice Oo



you know, I have always admired the German language - it just seems so “bad-ass”. I think that they ought to have some movies like this filmed in German with English subtitles - I think people would like it more. You can say “I love you” in German and to a non German speaker like myself it sounds like you are saying “hey dude, if you fuck with me again I’ll tear out your god-damn eyeballs!” ;D


i can see how it must seem funny to people, although it looses this strange magic when youre fluent in german.




Ugh, that’s fugly :stuck_out_tongue:


[quote=“Jack Rabbit Slim”]
Ugh, that’s fugly :stuck_out_tongue:

i agree totally.



[quote=“Jack Rabbit Slim”]
Ugh, that’s fugly :stuck_out_tongue:

Are you kidding!? I’d kill for that poster.


i wouldnt.


Are you kidding!? I’d kill for that poster.
I’d rather kill the bastard who photoshopped that mess together. What an ugly poster.