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Just wanted to see what anyone else thought about this movie, i found it offputting but at the same time couldnt turn it off. if i rated it outta 10 i would prob give it a 7 or an 8 because alot of its ideas have transferred well from paper to the big screen but some of it hasn’t. The only reason im posting anything about it is because i watched this movie with a bunch of friends and alot of them didnt get it at all, they just laughed at a few scenes and said they hated it when it finished. They didnt really see it for what it was and i was just gonna see what QTA members thought of it

its a judd apatow produced film, isnt it? in that case i have to watch it, because apatow is a modern genius with comedy/drama. one of the best people working in hollywood today.

I loved it. I hear people saying it’s too dark but I never really saw that in the film. There’s a fair amount of blood in the end and Seth Rogen’s character is more the violent kinda crazy as apposed to the typical “funny/crazy” you see in comedies but I think that’s what I liked most about it. That’s where the humor was for me.

I guess some people just don’t like their comedy to go any further than a main character’s quest to lose their virginity.