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Nicolas Cage :wink:

haha of course. sorry!

hmm, I havent seen man of those. Well, i liked National Treasure… (is that also something i should shut up about?)

Lord of war was great I think and I quite liked Peggy Sue Got Married (am i allowed to say that? but jim carrey was in it, what could i do? :wink:)

Other than that, remind me of what i can have seen, cus i havent seen much with him.
Adaptation, Matchstick Men, Lord of War, and lets not forget Moonstruck

I love Nic cage, abd now after seeing Wild at heart, I like him even more :smiley:

Yeah he’s good but even thinking of National Treasure makes me want to puke!

Haha really? I thought it was pretty entertaining. Not a great movie, but I didnt regret that I saw it in the theatres.

Well I had a teacher that would show the movie and we would never finish it so we would watch like the first hour the whole trimester about 5 times, so thats why I hate it so much,Also its as corny as hell.