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Nicolas Cage

I know he is like so fucking Hollywood that it comes out of your ears…but I love the man. He makes like 700 movies a year and it’s impossible to go see a movie and not see him in it, or at least a trailer or 2 with new movies coming out…

My personal Cage favs:

Face/off!!! Nic Cage as Castor Troy is sooo bad ass…

Adaptation, Matchstick men, Con Air, Birdy, Amos and Andrew, Raising Arizona, Leaving Las Vegas, City of Angels and Wild at Heart.

Fuck I even like: Family man, Gone in 60 Seconds, Honeymoon in Vegas, It could happen to you and Windtalkers A LOT!! :stuck_out_tongue:

Whats weird is that I dont like The Rock that much, I have it on VHS, but I dunno, I find it boring, while I know a lot of people appreciate this one :stuck_out_tongue:

What do you guys and gals think about him: his acting, his movies, his way of working, him choosing so many hollywood stuff?

I know its rediculous, but that snakeleatherjacket is sooo cool :stuck_out_tongue:

Nicholas Cage is the shit. I’ve always loved that guy.

I do find it strange that you dont like The Rock though. That’s the fuckin flick dude!

i liked him on 8mm and Lord of War

The first time I saw “And Peggy Sue Got married” I had to do a tripple take. Is this the same guy I just saw in Raising Arizonia??? This guy is fucking incredible.

I watched him closely after that, real close. He was drop dead sexy and talented as hell. Leaving Las Vegas… Man. I need to watch that again.

Cage is one of my favorite actors. He’s got range and his own style. Hard to find in Follywood.

Never liked him. David Hasslehoff has more charisma in his left armpit.

What are you talking about? Hasslehoff is a total mongoloid and Cage is one of the coolest guys around.

I wouldnt compare cage to Hoff, I can only think of a tv shows he’s good In was he even In a movie??? LOL! Anyway Rasing Arizonia Is a fucking classic.

Nah I don’t like Cage, he always makes that facial expression, looking like a dog that gets beaten a lot.

And I was just saying the Hoff hasmore charisma imo. Cage just wouldn’t look nearly as good in the “Limbo dance” video. lmao.

Ok, anyways…

Its really hard to have like 1 opinion on Cage…I mean, he does a lot of crap movies, but still, you cant really complain about his performance in any of them. :slight_smile:

Leaving Las Vegas is soooo cool! I love these quotes:

Ben Sanderson: I came here to drink myself to death.

Sera: How long will it take you?

Ben Sanderson: I’d say about three to four weeks.

Sera: Is drinking a way of killing yourself?

Ben Sanderson: Or, is killing myself a way of drinking?

Ben: $500 for a ‘93 Rolex Daytona…I’ll do it!

I actually bought a Rolex Daytona because of that last quote ;D :stuck_out_tongue:

I only like two movies with Cage In them, Raising Arizona and Snake eyes both films very good.

Only 2!!! Whats wrong with you. Adaptation is awesome, except the tacky ending. Lord of War is great also. It shows the evil arms industry from a detached point of view. And no one can deny that ConAir kicks ass. His little ticks do get on my nerves though. I will not watch Matchstick Men again.

And I must say, I hated Snake Eyes with a passion. Looks like shit and was predictable from the first ten minutes.

I forgot about adaptation very good conair Is all right dont want to see It anytime soon and I love snake eyes but It wouldnt be on my favorite list and I sure hell wouldnt buy It, but I still watch from time to time.

You guys dont like Face/off? :stuck_out_tongue:

I also like Red rock west…

Ahhh cage is awesome! I watched matchstick men like 5 times or so…I LOVE it…the twitches dont bother me, funny enough…

I like cage too. His five seconds in " Fast Times at Ridgemont High" (Nicolas Coppola) is classic. I heard he had a bigger part but was cut out. I laugh everytime I see him in the movie. You know a guys cool when he fucks Elvis’ daughter.

umm michael jackson? but yeah Cage is cool.

something about his “boring” tone of speaking and attitude towards things makes him cool

You guys dont like Face/off? :stuck_out_tongue:
haha, I love Face/off! probably the movie I’ve seen the most times on tv…

also a member of the Coppola mafia :-</E>

also a member of the Coppola mafia :-</E>

Haha! Exactly! The Coppola’s rule! 8)

Is There any other Cage stuff you like crazy88? :stuck_out_tongue:

Is There any other Cage stuff you like crazy88? :stuck_out_tongue:
Lord of war was great I think and I quite liked Peggy Sue Got Married (am i allowed to say that? but jim carrey was in it, what could i do? :wink:)

Other than that, remind me of what i can have seen, cus i havent seen much with him.