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News: Tarantino kills off Jarratt role

[quote]ctober 02, 2006 06:56am

Article from: The Daily Telegraph

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JOHN Jarratt has revealed he was dumped without explanation from Quentin Tarantino’s latest horror blockbuster after being wooed over to Hollywood by the acclaimed director.

The veteran Australian actor was to have a role in Grind House, Tarantino’s ambitious project of two feature films presented as one package.

But after being told he was wanted for the flick, Wolf Creek star Jarratt never heard a word back.

"My wife Cody was excited. We’d got the passport thing sorted out and we were all ready to set off for the States with our two kids, just waiting for a start date, so it was a real kick in the guts when nothing happened,’’ he told Woman’s Day.

"I’m really bewildered. God knows, Quentin might ring up next week and say he’s ready to start, ‘Get over here’. And I might do it but I might not. I kind of wish he’d left me alone and it had never happened.’‘

Asked about the Tarantino opportunity in March, Jarratt had been guarded about giving away any details of the then top-secret project aside from the fact he was on board.

"Put it this way, I’m not allowed to say anything and I don’t want to get my a… kicked.’’ he said at the time.

Perhaps that was saying too much for Tarantino’s liking.

Jarratt first came under the gaze of the Pulp Fiction director nearly 20 years ago, with Tarantino revealing three years ago he had been a fan of the Aussie since his performance in the 1987 horror movie Dark Age.

The pair met in 2003 while Tarantino was promoting his film Kill Bill and had, up until recently, kept in contact since.[/quote],23663,20509965-36557,00.html

By the sounds of it he was never signed, so hence he wasnt really dumped. Get over it.

I’m still waiting for Tarantino to call me too! Maybe Quentin will ring up next week. I’m so geeked!

Maybe there just wasnt a part for him in the film. QT will get him next time around. m