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[news] QT wins World Stunt Awards all over! (Sept 27)

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awwwww…he looks so happy!! :wink:


Haha, Robert Rodriguez is the COOLEST MOTHER FUCKER EVER!!

So, it turns out that Tarantino’s best friend presented him with the award?

Is that picture of Quentin trying to kill Rodriguez?

QT deserved that award more than anyone!! Congratulations to him! Kill Bill is the best action movie that I have seen! :slight_smile:

hahahah very funny that second photo

AWESOME!! Congrats to QT, Zoe Bell and Co on their excellent work on Kill Bill!

QT looks ultra happy gettin the award from his best pal too!


in case anyone wanna know more about the Kill Bill stuntwork, order Double Dare from our online shop. it’s an amazing documentary

Tarantino wins stunt award

2.31PM, Tue Sep 27 2005

Director Quentin Tarantino was among those honoured at the annual Taurus Stunt Awards in Hollywood.

Stars such as legends Mr T and Hulk Hogan turned out for the only awards ceremony where the stunts that make the movies stand out are rewarded.

Terminator turned governor of California Arnold Schwarzenegger paid tribute to the fall guys behind the on screen action.

This year director Quentin Tarantino was honoured for Kill Bill 2. At the bash he said: "I wanted to create action that people would mark down for years - which people would try to top.

“With this award it sounds like the stunt community has agreed that I have done that and it makes me feel fantastic but I couldn’t have done it without all my wonderful stunt women and men”.

Meanwhile, Sly Stallone won the award for best action movie star for his lifetime contribution to action flicks.

Ive seen Double Dare its really great. The film focuses on stuntwomen Jeannie Epper (Mrs Harmony in Kill Bill Vol 2) and Zoe Bell. You get to see Jeannie while shes her doubling for Lynda Carter on Wonder Woman in the 70s, very cool stuff.

Then they show Zoe Bell working on Xena: Warrior Princess in New Zealand. After she arrives in LA to attend the World Stunt Awards and she stays with Jeannie. They show her getting the call to try out to be Umas stunt double in Kill Bill, shes freaking out on the phone. You can tell its her big break. The day arrives where QT shows up at the gym where shes training and its really a cool moment. If you havent seen it yet, check it out.ÂÂ

I’ve only seen the trailer of Double Dare when I went to see a 35MM Print of The Wild Bunch at AFI Silver in Silver Spring,MD.

Way to Go, Quentin!

Just watched the awards show. nice stuff.