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[news] QT on Bastards, Kill Bill uncut and his favorites of 04 [March 14]

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Excerpts (just click the link above):

And all of Quentin’s fans will be pleased to know that he is putting his most recent movie Kill Bill, released in two parts, back together.

He told The Sun: "It will be Kill Bill the Japanese version - the four hour movie all together with an intermission in the middle. It will probably be the first release from Miramax’s new company, first at cinemas and then on DVD. It will also probably get a higher age rating. We had to cut it when Miramax was part of Disney but now we can do whatever the fuck we want."

Tarantino also revealed that his next movie will be Inglorious Bastards, his long-awaited pet project about a platoon of World War II soldiers trapped behind enemy lines.

"I’ve been kicking back and now I’m getting ready to start working again, and I’m at the very beginning of writing the script for Inglorious Bastards."

omg that’s so great! I can’t wait!

Yep’, I can’t wait for both too !

I’ld to see KB uncut edition, and I always support Inglorious Bastards ! :smiley:

I thought he already wrote script (or 3)?

read this, that what QT thinks about it :

"I want do a Mandarin language movie, but I’m not sure it’ll be the next movie. It’ll probably be the next movie I do after the one I do next. I’m doing Inglorious Bastards next. It’s my bunch-of-guys-on-a-mission movie. It’s my World War 2 movie."

Music to my ears :slight_smile:

I’m pleased to hear that, we get IB but we still get the Mandarin flick too! :slight_smile:

brilliant, who sais u cant have it all eh 8)

haha yeah true, true ;D

GREAT NEWS! Now all we have to do is sit back and wait for a decade or so, when it hits the cinemas.