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[news] QT helps Roth [April 1st]

according to:

The latest news on Eli Roth’s next film entitled HOSTEL comes from them groovy Canadian horror geeks over at Rue Morgue, who interviewed him in their latest issue and got some more scoopage on what’s what on what. Roth said that he would be filming his script – which he wrote based on “true events that he researched” and which he described as some “sick shit” – in “Eastern Europe”, where he can do “full-on nudity and gore without any interference”. Sounds good to me, my good man. Now even though his film is set in Amsterdam (that’s where I was born, baby!) and Eastern Europe, Roth said that he has been particularly inspired by the new wave of Asian flicks he saw while touring the film festivals with CABIN FEVER. He is scheduled to shoot HOSTEL from March 21st to May 7th of this year, and apparently received some help from writer/director Quentin Tarantino:

"The coolest f*cking thing was that Tarantino read it [his HOSTEL screenplay] and loved it so much that he invited me to his house and spent a day doing a dialogue polish with me. I couldn’t believe it. He’s been incredibly helpful throughout this whole process, helping me with story, character development and coming up with great ideas. He loves the project and has really encouraged me to get back on the floor and make another down-and-dirty ultra-violent horror film."

No word on when the film would be released yet or its cast.

Q’s horror is defintly next up after I.B or Mandarin

Looks good! A Tarantino horror would fucking rock!

Bulgaria would be the most interesting and cheap place in Eastern Europe he could film…

Hostel teaser is out. QT executive produced it. The trailer and posters have “Presented by Quentin Tarantino” on it.

Well, since the trailer´s out, why didn´t you post the link?