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[news] Hell Ride website live


Hell Ride hits US theaters August 8.

I have


with pictures, links and information

and there’s

now live, with some bios, music, and yet… no trailer (but soon)

and… applause

I have set up a Facebook page you can become a fan of the movie right there and show your support:


Shouldn’t this be on the frontpage?


it should.

unfortunately there’s technical trouble I’m having a hard time to solve. or rather, not solve. so for now, I’m fed up with this bitch and I have to let it be for a day or so, else I’d be throwing my laptop against the wall out of anger


Nice website. Cool poster. Still no news of a release outside US?


ok fixed it! applause!

frontpage updated! yay!


Damn I was just gonna post a quote from The Streetfighter for inspiration. Ah well. :slight_smile:



enjoy reading. i really put some heart into this news story


Nice write up! Lookin forward to seein this one!


Awesome post. Lost of applause!