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[news] Hell Ride red band trailer online

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wooo hoooo

can’t wait to see this in HD Quicktime

It looks cool from what I can see. But the shitty streaming trailer thing skips so I cant hear/see it play smooth enough.

pause it and wait till it has loaded, then hit play

OK, Thanks.

i also use a firefox extention to save those on my computer and then use a video player like VLC to play them fullscreen whenever I want.

i love the trailer. it’s grindhousey, but it’s full of great lines, hot chicks, bikes and badassness

Definitely looks like your classic over the top, wild and crazy biker film. Its one of my fave exploitation genres. Stone Cold and Beyond the Law are probably the last more modern biker flicks Ive seen that I really enjoyed.

does anyone know the music playing in this trailer? something about “devil” and “inside me”, sounds familiar…

I knew this was gonna happen. Exclusivity on the internet is not exactly what it used to be,

so you can watch it on youtube now, too if you prefer:

I say give it to us in 1080p HD Quicktime, so I can get better screenshots of Leonor Varela. Btw, is she married? I hope not :wink: damn she’s hot

Much better!! At least now I can hear/see it without the skip pause crap going on. Looks great!

Well, it visually looks cool, got some great actors in there, some fit women, really liking some of it. BUT, Larry looks like he may not be a great actor, and I hope there aren’t too many one-liners.

it’s a biker movie. I’ll buy a round of “lower your expectations” Liquor

it’s a biker movie. I’ll buy a round of “lower your expectations” Liquor

Haha. yeah I’m not expecting loads. And to be honest, with the fact they got Vinnie and Carradine, plus shit loads of ultra-hot women, I reckon I am going to really enjoy it!

Lol, my younger brother just watched it, just goes to show that we need biker movies for the new generation, he wants to see it just cos it has bikes in it as all biker movies are cool!

Holy…This is gonna be good.


so many hot chicks!

ass, tittys and more ass!

also, that chick who was on the table and spread her legs, FUCK SHES HOT!

Leonor Varela? yeah she’s my wife (in my dream world) :wink:

Postive Review

Negative Review

Wow! why the hell is Bloody Disgusting doing a review for Hell Ride? If they hate it that means the movie has to be good ;D

still not Quicktime HD, but a bit better than previously:

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