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[news] Grind House Breaking News

Several sources indicate, that the recent split of Robert Rodriguez from his wife and co-producer Elizabeth Avellán, possibly due to an affair with Rose McGowan, who is the lead actress of Rodriguez’ Grind House half, has further consequences. Aside from Rumors, that Rodriguez is also battling health problems (which seems unrealistic, and as of now nothing of that has been confirmed), rumors are gathering up that Gind House’s Planet Terror (Rodriguez’ half) is up for an indefinite halt - which was already rumored earlier (Source). “Rodriguez apparently has fired most of, if not all of his crew after an assumed crew member leaked the affair to his wife, with whom he has 5 children. Tarantino, who has been in New York auditioning people for “Death Proof”, flew down to Austin, TX today to attempt to sort out the shit storm that has resulted.” (Source) The Quentin Tarantino Archives, yours truly, would like to emphasis at this point that all we are dealing with is rumors. Rodriguez official denies his affair with McGowan (Source) and so far, there has not been official confirmation about another halt of production. Some say that with this ‘affair’, Robert might be subject to revenge and therefore had to shut down production (his wife is the co-producer, if she got angry she might have caused the halt). In the meantime, more information came to light about the film. Zoe Bell (she was Uma Thurman’s stunt double in Kill Bill) is reportedly one - if not the - lead actress in Tarantino’s part, and Lucy Lawless (earlier reported to play a bigger part) just a minor role. “Zoe Bell is the star of Quentin’s next movie and they are considering me to play one of her buddie”(Source). Also tipped for roles are Woody Harrelson (Source) as well as Jeff Fahey and Mickey Rourke (Source). Michael Parks is reportedly set to revive his role as Earl McGraw, while being infected with a virus from his own wife (Source). We try to get more on the developments as the news come in. Stay faithful!

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