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New Yorker QT Profile?

I’ve only seen this profile slightly mentioned on this board, but I’ve heard from others that this profile was one of the best articles to come out about QT this year (right above the VF profile).

Does anyone have this and can post and transcription? I missed it when it was on newstands and the New Yorker website is very selective about what articles they keep in their archives.

Thanks in advance!

Ive got it, if i get some time ill type out a transcipt, its really long.

kickass. it’d be much appreciated. ;D

Anyone feel like taking up the cause on transcribing this? :’(

Does anyone have time to transcribe this now? Its been described to me as the best recent profile of QT, besides the Vanity Fair profile. Anyone want to help a brother out?

Yeah i wouldnt mind seeing that also, not too many good QT profile’s it seems.