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New to comics, but ready to dive in

I am 26 and pretty new to comic books. I’ve always loved comic book movies, ever since the original superman and batman films, but never picked up a comic book. Last year I read the watchmen after reading alot about it, I loved it. A few weeks ago I decided to read Dark Knight Returns, and quickly followed it up with Dark Knight Strikes again, which I also though were really cool. I’m really starting to be obsessed with the Dc universe and expecially Justice League. I was wondering what books should I pick up first. I hear Kingdom Come is really great, also Year One (which sounds like it and Long Halloween pretty much make up Batman Begins), what about What ever happened to the Man of Tomorrow, or the The Death of Superman books? Or should I start with Crisis on Infinite Earths, go to Zero Hour, then Countdown, and the most recent Infinite Crisis.

What are the best DC Stories, and what should I start with?

I like DC’s comics, (though Marvel is better) ive got a shit load of Lobo comics its suggested for mature readers because of its violent content and black comedy, but i think its much better than mainstream stuff like superman

I don’t know I kindof into Batman now with the Frank Miller stories. And all the hoopla surrounding the new Superman, I’ve been watching the Animated Series, and some Justice League, I think some of the villans which as a previous non comic reader with no knowledge about most are interesting. I want to know more about Brainiac, and Doomsday, and Darkseid. I just kindof Don’t know where to start, for a newbie. I’m not interested in collecting individual issues cause I want a whole storyline, not just pieces at a time.

well you can get arcs. these are a short series of stories usually either 4 or 6 comics long, that tell the whole story rather than buying all the back issues of a long running series.

That’s kindof what I’m looking at. But where to start? On superman should I get Man of Steel, or Birthright first, or is there a better one out there?