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New Takashi Miike: YOKAI DAISENSOâ€

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looks groovy

I wrote the name of the movie in the title - cps

Chiaki’s in it! :smiley:

scratches head

i thought Izo was his new movie…?


i think Izo is out in theaters in Asia, and Miike does make approximately 83832798706245803 movies a year…

Yes, IZO is out in some japanese theatres and started in other now or till October.

This movie - YÃâ€

I guess this is the “family” movie Miike was talking about making. I’ll see anything with Chiaki!

Who’s that other chick? Is that Mitsuko from Battle Royale?

It aint Mitsuko, she was played by Kou Shibasaki. The chick you see there is Mai Takahashi.

The Trailer is on!!!

Check out the site:

New Trailer:

[quote=“Hung Fist”]
New Trailer:

Miike is really the craziest director ever

make that craziest 'person’

lmao at that last shot


Now who has seen it? I must admit, I came away pleasently surprised, but be aware, this is a most strange movie, sometimes a bit childish, too. There’s a lot of japanese folk-lore stuff going on, which you probably need to know in order to grasp the concept of “Yokai War” to full extend, but I didn’t let that distract me from being hugely entertained. The mixture of modern CGI and oldschool puppet-FX had a lot of charme. And Chiaki Kuriyama apparently had a lot of fun playing the right hand of the main villain. Sadly her character wasn’t used to full extent, I’d have loved to see more of her. And still the running-time of 124 minutes was too short. I could feel that Miike wanted to tell a lot more than he had time for, probably the plot and general characterisation has been cut down, too. There’s a lot of strange monsters running around with different special powers and none of them are really explained. If you don’t expect too much, you may like it, but if you only adore Miike for his darker and more adult themes, you will most certainly hate it. Still, “Yokai-War” has got a quite weird and scary athmosphere, and although there’s hardly any violence going on (they’re fighting against a freaky designed robot-army) I don’t really find it suitable for the target kids-audience, whereas lies another problem of “Yokai-War”: For adults it may be too childish, while for kids some of the dialogue-part seems mainly boring.

But, overall, I really liked “Yokai-War”. :slight_smile: It’s one of the more interesting movies I’ve seen lately, interesting, as in, makes me wanna learn more about the cultural background.

//EDIT: Added a few screenshots, found them here:

Saw this last night. Wacky, yes. But not wacky to the point where the viewer will be constantly scratching his/her head because of the universally-known storyline.

One thing that still trips me out is how sub-par the CG effects are in modern japanese movies. A lot of these effects are straight out of 1995 (Mortal Kombat comes to mind) but I’m guessing that since cel-animation for anime is done on the cheap, the same could go for practical effects.

Like Diceman, I also wanted to see more of Chiaki’s character. Loved how she kept on bending over and showing cleavage tho. :slight_smile:

Damn, I forgot to post my mini-review.

[size=80](updating this post once I can locate it (the review))

EDIT: Done[/size]

Yokai daisenso (2005) - 4/5

God damn Chiaki Kuriyama is hot in this movie. I never liked her before, and the character she plays here is definitely not my type of girl but still, something, I don’t know. I wanted to start applauding every time she was on screen. I was also suprised to see Ryunosuke Kamiki playing the leading role. That 13 year old boy really knows his way with the ladies. First he was grabbing Aya’s breasts in Install, then he appeared in Yoshitsune alongside Aya and Maki Goto, and how he’s here with Chiaki and Mai Takahashi. Later this year he will appear in Toku no sora ni kieta with Ayumi Ito…He’s also done voice acting for Hayao Miyazaki films and played a leading role in one of the five episodes of Zoo, among other things… Okay, enough about the cast. How about the movie itself? Very enjoyable aside some irritating characters. Could’ve been a bit shorter, though. A kids movie only by japanese standards…

Loved how she kept on bending over and showing cleavage tho. :slight_smile:

I know what you mean :wink: