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New Quentin Tarantino Interview gd read!

Quentin Tarantino Interview gd read!!!

<LINK_TEXT text=“ … ails/id/26”></LINK_TEXT> In terms of casting, did you get everyone you wanted?

I was over the moon when I got Kurt Russell – he was perfect for me. But with the actresses, I didn’t really offer it to anybody else. I wrote these characters that I felt really strongly about, and then it was just a big audition process – finding the right people to play ’em. Somebody asked Jordan Ladd, I think, ‘Oh, did you get the part because you’re Cheryl Ladd’s daughter and Alan Ladd’s granddaughter, and you were in CABIN FEVER?’ And she was like, ‘NO! I won that part! I was THE BEST! And believe me, if I wasn’t, somebody else would be standin’ here!’ The role of Stuntman Mike was originally going to be played by Mickey Rourke. Did you have to rewrite it for Kurt?

I didnt rewrite it at all. Ive been known to do that. When it didnt work out with Warren Beatty [in KILL BILL] I cast David Carradine, and little by little I kept rewriting it. We had a big long training period, so as I got to know him I kept making little tweaks here and there... It was about a year later before I got round to shooting all the Bill stuff, and it was different. But I havent had that experience every single time I wrote a part with someone in mind and they didnt work out. My whole thing is not to go to the next guy – yknow, the one thats almost like the guy – because it gives me an opportunity to rethink my whole movie. Kurt Russell is perfect casting as Stuntman Mike but theres nothing different about it. Its perfect casting, its just different from Mickey Rourke.

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Old interview but still very good. He mentioned Night Of The Living Dead! :-*