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New Limited Edition Magazine on QT! (aussies only...)

Unless you don’t know this already:

ok, anyone who gets the magazine 'What DVD" go down and grab it now!

Long story shot…browsing thru a newsagent and saw the letters QT, saw the front cover of Quentin and grabbed it…it’s basically a fan guide - it talks about his movies, his inspirations, his music choices ect…not just a puff piece like most non-fan a**hole magazine ppl put out when it’s sh*t we know…(you know what I’m talking about!)

anyway…you also get four posters - Jackie Brown, Kill Bill 2, PF and RD… (eeiry story - that KB poster in the mag is the same one that was ‘killed’ at a party a while back…how creepy is that! I get a replacement!!!)



what the exact title of the magazine. I want to look for on the web to buy it (I’m French, so can’t buy it in my country !)

It’s quite literally called:

“What DVD: Special Reissue QT”

The publisher is Derwent & Howard - it’s easier to go to their forum b/c the actual editors of the mag reply back…see long story short, the actual magazine, ‘What DVD’ has gone under so you’d have to ask the publishers for a copy…or check on ebay or something…

The guy you’d be looking for is the moderator (and editor of the mag) Kris ashton…

do you guys have any screenshots or anything? scans? transcripts?

I bought it when it came out. It has like almost 70 pages, so scanning it is pretty much out of the question. But I might scan some of it.

Sorry this is so late, didn’t notice this topic until now.