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My own pic

What does it mean in forum profile information what do i have to do to get my own pic in my avatar.

Hi, I moved your topic to the right place.

Take a look at the HELP Section (you can find the icon above):

<LINK_TEXT text=“ … glish.html”></LINK_TEXT>

there are some easy explaintations (with pics).

You need some own webspace (upload a pic from your comp by recieving a url) or you choose a pic out of the net (make shure that that hotlinking is allowed). Then you post the url in your profle.

If you want me to host your pic on my space, send me the pic

yeah its pretty self-explanatory actually. and as CPS pointed out, the help file should explain it

Thank you.

Do I do the same to get a picture in my signature.

[quote=“QT Fan”]
Do I do the same to get a picture in my signature.

Yes, you can upload a pic (Banner) to your webspace and write the url in the tags [imgx][/img] (I put a x in the tags, otherwise you can´t see them :wink:)

But before using a Banner, take a look to our Board Rules. We don´t allow big sizedn Banners here. :police:


18. Signatures: The users are allowed to use pictures in their signatures if they are conform to board rules. Signature pictures should be less than 70 pixels of height and 450 pixels width

If you have questions, pm em