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Hey I was wondering if anyone would like to give me some comments on a movie project i did for my english project. It is heavily influenced by Tarantino and Kill Bill. It’s at and is called The Copycat Killers Volumes 1 and 2. Its 40 minutes long but any comments would be appreciated. Thanks in advance!

Keep up the work, Mike! I really enjoyed some of your editing for Jevohah’s Witness. Some of your premises and acting could use some work. IM sometime if you’d like to further discuss…

that’s some pretty good shit.

however, being a film student, I’ve been taught to nag, so I will :stuck_out_tongue:

I can see what you were going for, and you accomplished it well for such a raw student film. granted, you can’t get professional actors and whatnot, some of the stuff was just laughable. the key to that is multiple takes. if the girl about to get shot says “you need to check in” and then laughs, tell her to try it again. from what i’ve noticed with my films, she’ll be alot less nervous the next time around, unless shes a complete dolt like some of the girls ive worked with in films.

other than that, there were just a few continuity errors and stuff, but all in all i’m impressed. keep up the good work dude!!

I just left I watched about half of the films and I really enjoyed myself. I like the idea for The Copycat Killers and everything I watched was pretty funny. I have a few questions though.

  1. How much of the films are improve? It seemed like there was a lot (which isn’t a bad thing) but I could just be strange.

  2. For The Copycat Killers what camera did you use?

    keep it up

this shit was fvnny and entertaining, youve got something good coming there. try to make the actors show there faces more and make them dress normal-not to gangster-and if gangster make shure you can see there faces, if the film becomes a hit you would want to be able to identify the actors-and the camera shoots that i enjoyed the most are in the jehova witness movies one, were the guy is making the other guy in the hat some food-i liked the way the camera was so still and proffessional, try and get that more and youll get something. compliments for your technical knowlage, you seem to know the fvnctions well.

god that 70’s cop trailer was fuckin funny as hell keep up the good work if u still post here…