My least favorite QT film


I’m not really a big fan of Django Unchained.


I agree, weak but well filmed.
Mike D.


My error!!! D’Jango excellent, I thought you meant the Hateful Eight!
Mike D.


Just putting up this spoilers heads-up. Will be spoilering Reservoir Dogs and The Hateful Eight :slight_smile:

I personally liked The Hateful Eight better than Reservoir Dogs.
I didn’t think that Reservoir Dogs was all that impressive. Unlike Pulp Fiction (my favourite), Reservoir Dogs didn’t really have a conclusion, or a message.

The ending of Reservoir Dogs was kind of bleak. If I’m not mistaken, all main characters died in the end. For me, it makes me feel like the story didn’t really matter. For a story that matters, there should be at least one person being able to tell the whole story after, in my opinion. There should be at least one to carry the burden/pride of the happened events.

Now when it comes to The Hateful Eight, we see a similar ending. But to me, it’s much more open-ended as the story was built on suspicions, lies and maybe some truth. We’ll never know what exactly happened to Mannix and Warren. They could’ve died, or they could’ve been caught by the Domingre/Domergue (“or whatever the fuck their name is!”) gang.
But that’s left to the viewer.
And that’s why I liked The Hateful Eight better than Reservoir Dogs.


The Hateful Eight is the best Tarantino movie so far.
Direction, photography, acting are all top notch… maybe only the script is a bit boring, I mean the dialogues are not as fresh as in Dogs or Pulp, but the guy got older and the movie is set in the Old West, so u can’t talk about Madonna or Carradine in Kung Fu.
I think those who don’t like this film are the ones used to a different Tarantino mood… even Django Unchained was more joyful, this one was written, as Tarantino himself declared, in a period when he was angry and depressed. But we all know that anger and depression have brought to us some of the best pieces of music and cinema in history (think about Paint It Black by The Rolling Stones, think about Pi).


Love the movie, story plot, action packed, it had an anything can happen type of setting very unpredictable film and I admit I watch it over and over again it’s just that awesome. Thanks for allowing this topic to be explored