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My Idea? Interesting?

Okay, I think I have this great idea, tell me what you think. Right now I’m just making some rough notes, outlining everything, etc.

Anyway, here it is:

Barry Esten tries to live a very normal life. He has a normal job, has normal friends, lives in a “normal apartment.” However, he lives a very extraordinary life. Extraordinary things or circumstances always seem to find him no matter what he does or where he goes. People are fascinated by this, he always draws attention, ever since he was a child. The problem is: he resents it. He’s bored by it, it doesn’t excite him anymore. He hates being extraordinary. He hates the fact that people are fascinated by him. All he wants is to be normal. He’s obsessed with conformity and normality, you can say that, that is his "fascination."

Basically, it’s a journy about a bitter man, feed up with life, coming to terms. He can’t hide who he is, comes into his own, and embrasses his uniqueness.

It might be cheesey, or whatever. But I really like this idea.


Can you give an example of an extraordinary thing that happens to him?

I don’t know it could be anything. I haven’t thought of anything particular yet. Right now I’m working on developing my characters before I start outlining my story. After I’m done both of those things, I’m going to start the screenplay.

But here are a couple possibilities of “extraordinary” things happening to him:

-He wins the lottery twice in a row.

-He accidently, or unintentionally saves someone’s life without knowing it. Then is praised as a hero.

-He cheats death by escaping a deadly car accident

-He walks into a store and it gets held up.

-He walks out of a building and it blows up.

-Somehow he finds the cure for Aids (unintentionally of course)

Y’know… he’s the type of guy that you’d like to spend a day with, because you know SOMETHING is bound to happen.

Now, those aren’t necessarly things that are going to happen in the screenplay. That’s just stuff I listed off the top of my head to give you an idea of what I’m talking about.

I think that sounds good as long as it isn’t like really farfetched.

I agree with masta shake. I like it as long as it doesn’t get too far fetched, but that was also kind of the plot for a episode of X-Files. I still think it would make a cool movie though.

Most ideas will probably already been done by somebody else…forrest gump also unintentionally did all kind of great things…

But this all doesnt matter, what matters is how you give your own touch to it…

Is it gonna be a comedy? or more a critique against conformatism? or something else…??

It sounds like something I would mos def want to watch…

Have you seen “Falling Down” (1993) it stars Michael Douglas and is directed by Joel Schumacher. The tagline is “The adventures of an ordinary man at war with the everyday world.” It’s quite a good film and it reminds me of your ideas. Maybe you could watch this and get some ideas from it. Everwhere this guy goes, something happens, it’s quite amusing.

Have him go crazy and start randomly killing people and doing horrible things, only to somehow have him miraculously not get caught or even suspected by the authorities. In a final act of irony, the man takes a gun and puts a bullet in his head only to “extraordinarily” survive and live the rest of his life a crippled/paralyzed motherfucker in a wheelchair. In the epilogue, the man gets out of his wheelchair and starts walking by an act of God, only to finally get his wish to live a normal life and he falls over and dies from an unrelated illness. Maybe some weird brain disease that made those extraordinary things happen or some bullshit like that.

well deliveryman I like your Idea a lot. You have a really good foundation to a great film. Make it unique and make it your own. It doesn’t have to neccecarily conform to this world, meaning that it doesn’t have to be so ordinary. Just remember that people like to see spectacular things happen, In a way that we want to get away from the everyday stress of life and to get lost in a story. I wish the very best luck for you and you film making carrer.

, Victoria

Wow, good idea! I loved those extraordinary things you listed. And if you make it interesting and exciting, with a good ending and everything and keeping the original idea, it would be cool.

Well, what are you planning to do with this idea? Are you going to write a script or something?