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My 48 hour idea

hey my high school class is doing a 48 hour film festival versing all the other schools in the district.

Genre: Superhero

Prop: Book

Line: Thats not possible

My idea I’m doing is not necessarily about a superhero but more like my film is gonna be kind of comic bookish. The time limit cant be no more then 5 minutes long, excluding the ending credits but including the beginning credits. My idea is about a failed comic book writer that stumbles upon this old drawling book, and what ever he draws in it appears in reality. When he first draws in the book he turns on the t.v. while he’s drawling, and when he looks at the t.v. he finds out that the same exact image on the news is the same is the drawing he drew. He then decides to draw his dream girl to see if she will appear, when he gets up he doesnt see her, so he scratches her picture up and goes for a walk. Simon, the main character starts walking down this tunnel and see’s this young girl laying on the ground when he walks over to her he lifts up her arm and see’s a giant black line on her arm, she wakes up and starts to attack Simon for crossing her off. So he starts running to get away from her and when he gets back in the house he starts to destroy the book she runs up to the door and starts pounding and as soon as Simon starts destroying the book, the pounding stops, and suddenly right outside the portch is the drawling of her catching on fire burning. Thats the general plot. I want some feedback to know what you think, were at the editing stages right now and when i get a chance to put it on the internet ill show it to you here, but right now what you think of it.

I think that’s a really good and original way to include what you have to include. For a five minute film, it should be perfect. You could also really go somewhere with it, if you decide to make it into a longer film later. The possibilities are endless, and it could make the viewer really say “WOW”.

Is it just a magical book though? Or is it Simon who has the power and never knew it? OR, is it that the book needed Simon and no one else?

A tiny bit of back story, and how Simon found the book, or how the book found Simon, and you have a solid beginning. The things you’ve told us, can be rounded up in a minute.

Are you sure you want Simon to completely destroy the book? Or do you want a bit of it to remain, so it will lead the audience to believe it’s not the end afterall?

It’s a good idea, and it’s yours, so roll with it.

Uhh since your at the editing stage it doesnt really matter but ill just say what comes to mind … instead of a giant black line you could have had it so he erases her face, so shes got no face… that would’ve been pritty creepy… the effect isnt hard to pull off either…

Oh yeah people might actually think better of it if you dont explain why the things he draws in his book come to life…

I thought he meant he’s in the editing stages of writing it…

Shit on my previous comment then.

lol no I’m on the editing stages, we had 48 hours, and right when we got the assignment we had to come up with an idea fast and roll with it, but answer your questions. The book is magical and Simon doenst have the power, and some things arent really explained, its up to the audience to have their own perception behind it. And yea we really didnt explain how the book has these powers or what not.

BTW I wanted to do that idea, but my other 3 members didnt really want to do that, and when I explained it isnt hard, they just said to me, we have 48 hours to shoot and edit, were not professionals, and i just nodded my head. Cause i had the idea of doing shit like that and also erasing her fingers or hands when she tries to throw a punch of a pulls a gun out I had an idea of erasing her hand shit like that but the wanted to do the easy way so we did the black marks like it was pencil marks.

I think it’s pretty good dude. ESPECIALLY for a high schooler. I’d really like to see it when you get it up.

I really like that idea, it’s very good, very creative.

I’m must also glad that you’re not explaining origin of the book. Kinda like Groundhog Day where Bill Murray is stuck in the same day for a reason we’re never explained, which in my opinion makes it so much better.

And yes, I really wanna see this.

hey guys i finally got the time to put the film on youtube. Its all done there are some errors in the movie some audio and we didn’t have enough scenes to really make it more clear cause some things arent really clear but it was a 48 hour contest. The link is below just tell me what you think of it and give me some constructive criticism I’m only in high school and I’m graduating to go to a film school just want some ideas on how i could of made it better I’m planning sometime in the future making a full length feature but heres the movie.

Wow! You guys did really well. That’s very good. I can’t really tell you anything you don’t already know. Good job.

It definitely looks like a film made by high-schoolers, but it’s not bad and that’s something you can learn later. The sound’s pretty shit though.

I like the idea and the plot. I would only wonder why the first sketches appear on TV yet the girl appear in “real life”. I think the idea could develope into something full feature.

But guys, he said he’s a high-schooler, and that the sound is shit, and that there were things they didn’t explain. So, you can’t tell him anything he hasn’t already learned from making it.

I say it’s good, and the next project will only be that much better.

Agree. Impressive!

thanks guys for all your comment. Its funny i showed my parents it, i gave them a dvd copy and when they watched it they wondered the same thing about the news and then the real life. Like i said this idea i’m planning on making it a full feature or maybe a pretty long short film. I agree when i look at it, the audio is not the best at parts, i cant stand fuzziness. And I was planning on wanting to explain it more but not make it really literal. I guess to answer the question about the news. When he started drawling it and when he was about finished the drawling he drew happened it real life. So he was thinking the book is magical and he thought if he could draw anything he wanted like a girl maybe it would appear but when he did it he got up to see if she appeared and even though it had quick shots of her running the character didnt know it so he just got upset and crossed her off. Also I had 4 other partners who had same and different opinions. Some of the shots were shot by me and not shot by me. And things like the actual drawings, i wanted the CU shot to be much closer and when i saw it it wasnt as close as i wanted it, but we couldnt really do anything cause we didnt have much time. Near the end we were gonna have talking when she starts pounding on the door cause we didnt know how to end the movie cause we didnt have enough shots, so we made a little explosion effect thing and instead of recording her voice screaming i asked my teacher about the wilhelm scream and she said theres a judge that is a huge movie buff that will probably vote yours best out of the other high school classes and that scream would be one of the reasons why. But since we are in high school yea i do have my mistakes but thats why i always try to practice to get better. Though our school’s Boom mike which is what we use have so much issues. We have like 100 kids doing the class in school and we have to keep getting new equipment cause our XLR cables dont work and your headphones. Our schools boom mike cant even extend to the highest reaching cause one setting wont lock cause its broken. SO thats a pain, we have the oldest school in our district and were going against people that have battery operated lights.

What I didlike was your editing, that was great!

I liked it. The concept was great, which kept my attention throughout. There’s no way in hell I would destroy that book though. ;D

That was pritty good… i liked the choice of music… but the girl probably didnt seem as menacing as she could… If you ever do anything else with the concept mabye you should do the erazed face thing… still dam good for a high school film…

Shot and edited REally well! This Idea is sorta a rip of the movie cellar dweller though.

thanks for all your comments, lol jip i actually wasnt even thinking of cellar dweller until you brought it up, havent seen that movie in 2 years but now that your brought it up it does have that similar story but i wasnt even intending on making it like cellar dweller. But thanks for you and everyones comments. I got another movie coming up, my high school has its own film festival, i’m making a horror movie broken into three chapters and each chapter will be shot in a different genre style of horror.

Sounds great dude. Keep us up to date! We’re all behind ya.