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Musical references

This time Tarantino (again) used music that was previously featured prominently in major classics of film history and or gritty gems that never found the mass appeal they should have.

So heres a list of the songs of the DP soundtrack that were used in other films----TRIVIA GALORE

Sally and Jack-a instrumental theme ----played in DP while Jungle Julia is sending messages with her phone

that composition by Pino Donaggio is from the film Blow Out----directed by Brian De Palma,who just happens to be one of QT´s major influences and favourite directors.

Paranoia Prima----a wonderful piece of suspense music by maestro Ennio Morricone.QT used compositions by Ennio in Kill Bill and now he´s chosen Paranoia Prima for DP. It was previuosly used for the legendary giallo flick "The cat o nine tails by Dario Argento).

Its so Easy by the great Willy DeVille was used as the soundtrack for William Friedkins underrated masterpiece Cruising(in which Al Pacino plays an undercover agent investigating gruesome murders in the gay leather/sm-scene)

if anybody knows other songs used in Dp that were the soundtrack to other flicks----post it !

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