Music for Tarantino's ww2


I can see Over There being played while people are getting blasted. Was that 1 or 2 though?


i lol’d at the first post in this topic. I don’t know how i missed this topic before. kid rock and metallica? i can do one better:

Lil’ Wayne (for the scenes where they’re just chillin’)

My Chemical Romance (for when stuff gets emotional)

Brooks N’ Dunn (for that twangy spaghetti western feel)

Linkin Park (for battle scenes)

too much sarcasm for you to handle?

realistically though, i think it should be music from the times (some of that stuff is really good!), with nice little touches from Rodriguez as well as sampling from spaghetti westerns like those used in Kill Bill Vol. 2


This conversation was pretty funny to re-read. I used to be ToothpickVicVega. That was me.

But now we know that he is in fact going to be using pop music from all over the 20th century. Not 40s music. Hes also going to be using alot of spaghetti western film scores.


I dont think your operating on all cylinders Pulp. Kid Rock’s American Badass?!! What the fu-???!! Kid fuckin Rock? HAHAHAHAHA!!!

QT will most likely not use any pop music in Bastards. Like I said, its going to be a regular movie score.


BECAUSE THE FILM TAKES PLACE IN GERMANY IN THE 1940s!! What does any of the pop music from the latter part of the century have to do with WW2? It just doesnt fit, no matter how you twist it, it just aint right.

Just think about it: Your watching a World War 2 film, a bunch of guys who were probably born in the early 1900s are fighting a group of Nazi’s or whatever, then all of a sudden the beginning beats to Walk Like an Egyptian start playing on the soundtrack, wouldn’t you be like: WHAT THE FUCK?!! THIS IS 1940s not 1986!!! I would. The retro music works in a contemporary film, like in Dogs, Pulp or Jackie, but you can’t put new music in an older era film. It just doesnt fit that time period. The world was a much different place.

Noone said when QT started directing that he had to put a pop music soundtrack in every film he makes. Its not always necessary. You gotta expand your mind and stop thinking inside a box dude. Just look at KILL BILL, QT has RZA and Lars working on a score for that too. I think this film will be a step in a new direction in that area.


He can still use that kind of music as score.


the guys who are whining and bitching about which music should and shouldnt be used (blah blah blah, cry cry cry), shut up. Quentin has the best soundtracks for his films, just relax and wait until the movie comes out…