Music for Tarantino's ww2



Then, he’s technically not hiring someone to write original music for the film. 8)


Uh yes he did, he hired RZA and Lars Ulrich.


I always thought that Tarantino would be better suited to a Vietnam movie rather than WW2. “Full Metal Jacket-esque” with songs by Porter Wagner etc.


I definitley agree w/ using period big band music from Cout Basie, Duke Ellington, and Ralph Marterie. If QT doesn’t use any period jazz music in Inglorious Bastards then he’s losing a few notches on my respect o’ meter.


QT will do the regular thing, using his own taste of music for the film.


I hope Tarantino uses music from Robert Rodriguez and Ennio Morricone as he did say this would be his Spaghetti Western.


If you look at other recent ww2 movies that have been made, like Saving Private Ryan…there’s only like two instances in the whole movie where there is music at all…and it is an orchestral piece. I think Tarantino’s seen enough of the old school ww2 films and the newer ones to know what to do in the case of music. I’m guessing there will be some composed tunes…Tarantino had some original tunes for the first time ever with Kill Bill vol. 1, so yeah, the next step could be working with a composer…but whatever he does do I think it’ll be cool.


He definitely will use music WITH lyrics! Some jazz and some blues will def. be the way to go IMO.


I hate big band music!

Louis Armstrong is good though.

I imagine since he likes Bridge on the River Kwai so much we will hear that whistling song.

If I have to hear boogie woogie bugle boy I will personally stab Quentin.



If I have to hear boogie woogie bugle boy I will personally stab Quentin.

I wouldn’t put it past him :-</E>


so whens the movie coming out?


[quote=“al bundy”]
so whens the movie coming out?

that was definitely on topic.

Good job.


well the movie release is always set on some date and never comes out-next thing all of you are here like “oh we even already know what music’s gonna be on it.” im jus cusious cause you guys deffinately seem to know more than i.


[quote]Or, it could turn into a platoonish (remember the overuse of adagio?) melodrama with violins used to purposely pull people’s heart strings[/quote]

I never thought I’d be able to find that tune NOT sad, but after seeing that piece-of-shit-waste-of-time-film I just grimace when I hear it. :stuck_out_tongue:


Remember that movie American Outlaws from a few years ago, with Colin Farrell and the kid from Everwood? An old Western set to modern nu-metal? Remember what a big steamer that movie was?

Quentin used a Johnny Cash song in Jackie Brown (and while I love the song and the movie, I thought it was a bit unrealistic to have a hard gun-selling black guy like Ordell listening to country in his car. Just sayin.) and in that vein, I think some plain, hardscrabble country from that era would work well in Inglorious Bastards. If not using actual songs from that period or modern ones that harken that era (ala Steve Earle) then a score that uses some of the same tones with real rustic-sounding acoustic guitars would be tres cool. But using a more old fashioned jazz/big band/blues sound could still work, because not all of that music is so showy and corny and like a lot of ragtime is. (See “The Saddest Music in the World” for further example.)


He should have a score composed by Ennio Morricone or Robert Rodriguez or both. Both of them are fucking brilliant at creating music, and from what I’ve already seen and heard from Kill Bill, it wouldn’t go amiss with Inglorious Bastards.


Here is a crazy idea. What if Quentin doesnt use any music at all in the entire film. Maybe without music the movie will have more of a documentary feel to it which would be kind of cool. Maybe then he would only include a song in the opening and ending credits and that would be it.


I don’t think he will be trying to go for the documentary style with IB


Well…there’s no way the movie will have any music ahead of the 40’s time period, that just wouldn’t make sense…but I also don’t think there will be some big band/ jazz/ or swing music while people are battling…!? There probably won’t be any actual liscensed songs or music from that time, but I’m sure he will get some sound proffessional artists to put together a soundtrack of ambiences for various differen’t scenes. i also wouldn’t be surprised if they just used instruments from that time era and made new music that’s more applicable to present day audiences.


I dont think your operating on all cylinders Pulp. Kid Rock’s American Badass?!! What the fu-???!! Kid fuckin Rock? HAHAHAHAHA!!!


^lol yeah, lets put in some tina turner, brittny spears and all that ish.


Update 06:

QT stated in an interview that he is “going even further into the Spaghetti Western genre” with Bastards. So we know now for sure IB will have lots of Spaghetti Western music in it. Either older film scores and/or modern made Spaghetti Western style music by Robert Rodriguez most likely.

He also said that theres no time period constrictions to the films music. We may hear everything from rockabilly to hip hop in the film.

I’m sure he wont use shit like Kid Rock or Britney Spears, but he may use modern pop music that fits in with whats going on in the film.