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Mr. Tarantino Goes To Denver

Just read the front page news that QT is attending the Democratic National Convention in August to show support for Barack. Thats cool. I wonder why hes taking time out from doing IB though. Could it be he’s also visiting some actor in Colorado too? Who knows?

Im personally voting for Barack myself in the next election. Its time for a change USA!!

I’m not very political, a trait I thought I shared with QT. Oh well, if he feels he should support Obama, he should do so.

Im not political either really. Im not going to get into any debates. Just wanted to make a post about QTs trip. I think QT isnt into politics in movies, but he probably is more political in his real life.

Its time for a change USA!!

don’t get up your expectations. anyone who wants to change things radically wouldn’t even make it to candidate status…

but i’m not sure if QT will really be there for political reasons. maybe it’s just another chance to catch the spotlight? ;-))

Something you never do is let people know where you stand in political views and so on, but since its QT I dont think it will be a career killer for him.

Kurt Russell lives in Denver doesnt he? ;D

don’t get up your expectations. anyone who wants to change things radically wouldn’t even make it to candidate status…

Yeah but he’ll be the first black president. Thats a great thing and a big change in itself. I think Barack will try to make some changes though. Everyone wants Bush gone because they think hes so bad, I hope they won’t start giving Barack a hard time. When you say radically, what do you mean? How much of a change are we talking about?

Me: Kurt and Goldie have or had a house in Colorado. Not sure if they still go there. But Aspen is a very big town for stars.

QT had already attending the DNC on January. Here are the pics from the wiki :


QT - just stick to taking care of business!

[quote]Spotlight Initiative Award Reception and Movie Celebration for ‘14 Women’

Wednesday, Aug 27 9:00a

at Earl’s Restaurant, Denver, CO

Open to the public (RSVP required). Party with a Purpose and the Creative Coalition will host a reception at Earls. Attending guests include Annette Bening, Susan Sarandon, Spike Lee, Alan Cumming, Rachel Leigh Cook and Quentin Tarantino.[/quote]

I just noticed that Spike Lee is going to be at the same DNC party as QT. I wonder if they’ll be a fight???


just as a rule i hope we can keep politics out of this topic.

and yeah he’s in Denver… i mean, it’s not the whole week, right?

DNC runs through Thursday

Fuck! Why do the democrats get a cool candidate, and cool people to endorse them, and we get boring old McCain and a bunch of snobby old fucks? With this news, I’m now NEARLY half tempted to vote for Obama. Damn.

You Repubs get Bo Derek and Bruce Willis…

Kurt Russell is a libertarian which is kind of like being half Republican

True. I’m still not all that happy with McCain.

well nobody’s stopping you from voting BamaBiden :wink:

Geoi, vote Obama. I’ll stop about politics now since Seb told us not to BUT vote Obama :wink:

yeah this is the online version of fox news, we’ll tell you to vote obama but you can still decide on your own :wink:

Lawrence Bender: The producer of Quentin Tarantino’s early films and Al Gore’s “An Inconvenient Truthâ€

Oh yeah he’s politically active He even contributes to the Huffington Post or he used to

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