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Movie Makers?

Hi, I am new here. Is anyone out there besides Anthony making a movie?

If so, I want in! I can act, and do voices. Plus, I’m a big Tarantino fan, so contact me.

If you want to mak the trip I’m hoping to make a few shorts over the summer, but I’m in Missouri and damn Florida and Missouri have to be like AT LEAST 50 miles apart. And I wouldn’t drive that far just to be in a few student shorts. Plus I’m planing on getting some people from the theatre dept. here on campus involved so how much would it suck for you to come all the way up here and have me say, “sorry I’ve already cast all the parts.”

Hi I’m new to this forum. like anthony im young, 16 to be exact. But I want to be a filmaker. I own my own company called PhoenixShield Pictures © and is stationed in arizona. I’m always looking for extras in any of my movies. So if anyone is in the arizona area send me an email, and ill try to find a part if I’m filming anything at that time. My next film which keeps getting delayed… is a fan film based off of war of the worlds.


CEO PhoenixShield Pictures©