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A friend and I just wrote a “screenplay” tonight. (its more of a director’s guide I guess) I guess you could call it a zombie movie because there’s this thing that used to be a human running around killing people, but that’s where I want input. At first we were going to try and explain where this thing came from. We were going to say there was a nuclear accident or he was possesed or something but instead we decided to not explain the thing at all. We think that this will add some creepiness and add to the confusion the characters are experiencing. What do my fellow Tarantinoites think?

Bullet sez:

Go for the cilched approach. Take the “nuclear waste” story and add some meaning behind it as well as some commentary against using nuclear power or how polluted the earth is like with that Romero did.

Also add tons of gore. :slight_smile:

Whatever you do, don’t add one of those lameass “mindfuck” Sixth Sense endings where you find out that the zombie and all the people he was chasing were all the same person or some bullshit like that. I swear if I see another movie that rips off Bruce Willis being a ghost i’m going to shoot myself in my 3rd testicle.

How are you going to shoot this?

I have a feeling this will be done with no budget at all. If you’re serious about this, I’d stay away with someone that would require a lot of special makeup, effects etc., to maintain some QUALITY control.

If it’s just for fun, then go right ahead and do whatever you want.

you are completely correct. no budget at all. I’m just curious what other people think about the unexplained thing that attacks people idea.

It’s been done over and over and over again. But like I’ve said before, give us something new and fresh. Give us something unique.

Fuck the story. Just buy a bunch of gorey makeup and try to make this the most violent, insane, craziest ass movie possible. Go watch a Lucio Fulci movie and laugh at how inept the script is and how super awesome the gore is, and try to make it 10 x better. Actually, make the script so bad that it’s funny. And just do a bunch of cool shit with the zombie.

i think not explaining anything is a grand idea, it definatly makes it creepier

I personally think that not explaining anything would be great, but allot of people these days need scientific proof or answers for everything in a film.

yea it’s four months later and this movie never happened. . . oh well it sounded fun. I will be making a few shorts pretty soon. . . .Well shit. I was going to post the scripts for them but it appears that they are not saved on this computer. I’ll create a new topic sometime when I get back to school. I posted a treatment for on of them in here at But that’s only a treatment and it has been turned into a screenplay and imporved. That’s one of the shorts we’re going to do. We are going to do two others also. One that includes the same Hit Chick character from the first one as she goes on a missions with the character Hit Man (cleaver huh?), and the third one’s story was wirtten by one of my friends and I’m turning it into a screenplay and add a little something extra to it. It’s titled “Fear” and is pretty damn scary. What my friend wrote is a conversation between a serial killer and his doctor at a mental hospital. It doesn’t sound all that scary but it actually is. We’re going to create a website and I’ll post a link to it on here whenever that’s up.

What if the zombie was a deadite due to ashes fuck up on the way back from the past.