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Movie Facts

I love to know facts around a movie here are some I know:

-The Blairwith Project was filmed in 8 days

-The reason Tony Motana had a cocaine addiction was because Oliver Stone, at that time was very much addicted to cocaine

-Marlon Brando got paid four million dollars for his ten mins. In superman

-The actor, Al Mulock, played one of the three men in the opening of Once upon time in the west, comitted suicide after doing his scene

-The halloween mask was a william shatner mask spray painted white

-The director of The Exorcist would at times shot a gun on set to scare the actors

-Brian De Palma wanted to direct the movie cruising but the producers could not get the right for the film, so De Palma came out with dressed to kill

-John Hughs wrote The breakfast club In two day 4th and 5th of July

John Milius directed a scene for Conan from his bed in his trailer.

I heard Francis Ford Coppola directed a whole movie from his bathtub. don’t know if it is true or which film it is.

I just watched patton and coppola said if he didn’t get the award for screenplay on patton he would have been kicked off the godfather.

-Animal House was Kevin Bacons first movie

-Nightmare on elm street was Johnny depps first movie

-The godfather was way over budget

-Wes Craven wanted Freddy Kruger to be way more scarier with teeth coming out but it could not be done at the time

-The name Kruger from the nightmare on elm street movies came from Last house on the left, The killer was named Krug

-In audition the dog bowl fed to asami’s prisoner is real vomit, the director said She was a method actor

-Ichi the killer Director ‘Takashi Miîke’ reveals on the US TokyoShock DVD release that the semen used in the close-up during the intro sequence, when the film’s title raises out of a puddle of semen, is real

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WTF? You changed it to The Warriors in a split second. :-</E>

Yeah scarface is a little to big , they would have complained about it

In Pulp Fiction, when vincent and jules are in the apartment being shot at with a magnum, they bullet holes are in the wall before the gun is shot.

In jurassic Park, when they feed the goat to the t-rex, there is flat ground on either side of the fence, but when it breaks through the fence, there is a cliff on one side for the jeep to roll down.

In “Bring me the head of alfredo garcia” Warren Oates copied Sam Peckinpah to play the part, even borrowing a pair of sunglasses from him.

“Bring me the head of alfredo garcia” was the only movie that Sam Peckinpah had the final cut, all of his other movies were re-cut by the studios.

In Raiders of the Lost Ark the scene where Indy shoots the knife man after the showing of his impressive skills was not in the original script. Because Harrison Ford was feeling sick one of the crew said “Why don’t we just get him to shoot him?” and Spielberg immediately said he was onto something.

-An accident occurred when filming “Maximum Overdrive” on 31 July 1985 during shooting in a suburb of Wilmington, North Carolina where a radio-controlled lawnmower used in a scene went out of control and struck a block of wood used as a camera support, shooting out wood splinters which injured the director of photography Armando Nannuzzi; as a result, he lost an eye. Nannuzzi sued Stephen King on February 18, 1987 for $18 million in damages. The suit was settled out of court.

-In “Maximum Overdrive” While shooting the scene where the steamroller rampages across the baseball diamond, Stephen King requested that the SFX department place a bag of fake blood near the dummy of a young player who would be ran over by it. The desired effect would be that a smear of blood would appear on the steamroller and be re-smeared on the grass over and over, like a printing press. While filming the scene, however, the bag of blood exploded too soon and sprayed everywhere, making it appear as if the boy’s head had also exploded. King was thrilled with the results, but censors demanded the shot be cut.

The Warriors:

-The Baseball Furies were created due to Walter Hill’s love of baseball and the music group Kiss

-Thomas Waites (The Fox) left the film midway through filming and was replaced by a body double who was tossed on to the train tracks. This becomes obvious when watching the film as when he runs in front of the camera, you can see him trying to hide his face

-Robert De Niro was asked to be Cowboy, but he passed on it and they chose an unknown instead.

-Tony Danza was offered the lead, but he chose to film the television series “Taxi” instead

-The crew once got urinated upon from a tower block due to the noise they were creating in the night.

everyone probably knows this one already but just in case:

the infamous “Cow Slaughter” scene in Apocalypse Now was REAL.

…what a poor widdle cow

Wow. It’s the scene I always remember when someone says Apocalypse Now. I’m not exactly a fan of that film.

In Raiders of the Lost Ark the scene where Indy shoots the knife man after the showing of his impressive skills was not in the original script. Because Harrison Ford was feeling sick one of the crew said “Why don’t we just get him to shoot him?” and Spielberg immediately said he was onto something.

that’s actually one of the best scenes in the movie


Halloween has alot of Alfred Hitchcock references.Tommy Doyle’s name was from Rear Window and Sam Loomis’ name is from Psycho.Also John Carpenter(director of Halloween)casted Jamie Lee Curtis(daughter of Janet Leigh)

John Carpenter is a big fan of George A.Romero,in one scene a man could be seen watching,"night of the living dead."

The name of the sheriff is “Leigh Brackett”. Leigh Brackett was also the name of the screenwriter of Howard Hawks’ classic Rio Bravo, which is one of Carpenters favorite films.

Halloween was filmed around 20 days and cost 300,000 to make,it went to make 55 million in the box office.It is one of the most famous independent films.

Yul Brynner’s robot character from Westworld was the inspiration for the character of Michael Myers.

John Carpenter is a big fan of George A.Romero,in one scene a man could be seen watching,“night of the living dead.”


Actually that scene’s in Halloween II

More Halloween Trivia:

The kids are also watching The Thing From Another World on TV, Carpenter remade that in 1982 as The Thing. (duh)

Michael Myers was named after a man who helped promote Carpenter’s Assault on Precinct 13 in the UK when it was released over there.

The little girl who plays Lindsay in Halloween also had a role in Tobe Hooper’s low budget horror film Eaten Alive.

You can spot Dana Carvey as a reporter in the opening of Halloween II.

Random movie trivia:

  • Rio Bravo was Howard Hawks and John Wayne’s answer to High Noon.
  • Carpenter’s Assault on Precinct 13 was a modernized remake of Rio Bravo.
  • Mr Han’s (Shih Kien) voice in Enter The Dragon was dubbed by Keye Luke aka Master Po on the TV series Kung Fu.
  • Hitchcock’s Psycho was influenced in part by Welles’ Touch of Evil. From the lengthy opening tracking shot to the deserted hotel with the crazy manager (Dennis Weaver) to Janet Leigh starring as the lead actress.
  • There is a scene in the original cut of Scarface in which Tony and Manny watch John Huston’s Treasure of The Sierra Madre in the detainee camp, which was a big inspiration for the story and the Tony Montana character who was partly inspired by Bogart’s Fred C. Dobbs. Montana gets his “cockaroachez” line from Fred C. Dobbs in this film as well.
  • Brian DePalma made his thriller Body Double in response to the controversy over his status as a misogynist and violent director.
  • The end of the Special Edition of Blade Runner contains outtake aerial footage from the beginning of Kubrick’s The Shining.
  • The prayer Greg Focker says at the table in Meet The Parents is the lyrics to the song playing at the Oyster Bay Drug N Sundry on the speaker system.

Haha, and in Carpenters The Thing, they’re also watching The Thing From Another World.

Actually that scene’s in Halloween II
Your right my mistake.

- Sergio Leone was the first director to use the term “Cinema Cinema” aka “Movie Movie”, which was later used by QT top describe the post modern movie universe.

  • Brian DePalma was originally going to shoot Taxi Driver, but gave the script to his pal Martin Scorsese instead.
  • When Stephen King went to see a private screening of Rob Reiner’s Stand By Me (based on his short story, The Body whose main character Gordy LaChance is based on King as a kid) he was so emotional from the similarities to his own life (his childhood friends), he sat alone in the theater for 30 minutes after the film was over.
  • Takashi Miike worked as an asst on the Japanese set of Ridley Scott’s yakuza film Black Rain.
  • In Scorsese’s 1983 film King of Comedy you can spot Morrie from GoodFellas in a booth in a Chinese Restaraunt making fun of Rupert Pupkin (DeNiro).
  • In King of Comedy, the girl Rita (Dianne Abbott) Rupert is dating was the girl who threatens to call the cops on him when he hits on her in the porno theater in Taxi Driver. DeNiro was also married to her in real life.
  • During the making of Apocalypse Now, actors Sam Bottoms and Lawrence Fishburne actually did do drugs (pot/LSD).
  • In Days of Thunder, one of the actresses actually calls Cole Trickle (Tom Cruise) Tom!
  • In the action film Commando, Sully’s car flips over and the side is crushed. After Matrix (Arnold) kills Sully and flips the car back over he drives off and the side of the car is not dented and shiny.
  • In Scarface you can see Director Brian DePalma’s reflection in one of the mirrors in the Babylon Club right before two hitmen try to kill Tony.
  • In the film Duel, you can see Director Steven Spielberg in a reflection of the phone booth at a gas station and you can see him sitting in the backseat of Dennis Weaver’s car if you look in the rear view mirror near the end of the film.