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Mort The Dead Teenager

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In 2003 the admin posted there about it:

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Jessica Simpson has been in the press quite a bit lately for her new album “In This Skin” and her new MTV reality show, “Newlyweds: Nick and Jessica”. The singer continues to mention a Marvel project she’s involved with (she said so even here on a Houston radio station), but when asked which movie it is she’s been tightlipped. Jessica has also mentioned that your everyday person would probably not know about it.

Thanks to scooper ‘aintherenow’, who appears reliable, the project is actually the big screen adaptation of Marvel Comics’ Mort, The Dead Teenager. Quentin Tarantino will executive produce. His production company, A Band Apart, and Madonna’s Maverick Films will co-produce the film to be distributed by Dimension Films. According to Jessica’s manager and father, she will play the female lead in the action comedy to be released in the summer of 2004.

The cult comic classic, from creator Larry Hama, is about a slacker teenager who is hit by a train and killed. After his death, he meets Teeth Death, who tells Mort that he must now haunt those that he knew in his life.

“The film is a completely unique look at adolescence as seen through the eyes of a fantasy. It speaks to teen-agers everywhere,” Zachary Feurer, a producer at Maverick Films, said previously. “It’s a teen comedy with a ‘Beetlejuice’ sensibility.”

Dominique Swain and Elijah Wood were previously rumored to be considered for the lead roles


This movie is based upon the extremely obscure 4-issue comic book mini-series published by Marvel Comics in 1993-1994. In a somewhat manipulative twist, creator and writer Larry Hama actually came up with ‘Mort the Dead Teenager’ first as a great idea for a movie, which he then pitched and sold to Marvel, with the intention all along being to eventually have it become the basis for a movie. The process just probably took longer than Hama may have expected. The comic book was a complete flop at the time, quickly relegated to “quarter bins” and extremely few comic fans have ever heard of it, much less actually read it (though that will surely change once this movie hits theaters; Marvel will probably reprint the original story as a trade paperback). Larry Hama is most famous for being the writer of all 155 issues of the popular 1980s comics version of G.I. Joe.

Premise: When Mort (Wood), an unpopular and picked-upon teenager is decapitated and killed in a train accident, he descends to the Netherworld where he meets Teen Death (the son of the Grim Reaper). Convincing Teen Death to accompany him, Mort returns to the world of the living to try to win the heart (presumably while it’s still beating) of the girl of his dreams (Simpson)

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Simpson Has Shot Mort Test Footage

Source: MTV

June 23, 2005

MTV talked to Marvel Studios’ Avi Arad who says that Jessica Simpson has shot eight minutes of test footage for Mort the Dead Teenager:

The singer and “Dukes of Hazzard” actress shot some sample footage for a big-screen adaptation of the cult Marvel title “Mort the Dead Teenager,” which tells the story of a slacker teen who reluctantly returns to haunt his old friends. Now, according to Marvel Studios chairman and CEO Avi Arad, plans are moving forward on a full-length movie. “We absolutely love Mort, and these eight minutes, unedited, tells you why we should make the movie,” Arad said of the teen-oriented film, which will have a “Beetlejuice” sensibility. "This guy [who directed the test footage] should make the movie, but he’s a first-time director. He got Jessica to do it. He basically wanted to show the tone and his understanding of the Mort idea, and he nailed it. Everyone who sees it loves it."