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Modesty Blaise

Has anyone read the original Modesty Blaise? Do you recommend that it’s worth picking up? I’m sure that it’s gotta be “cool” if QT is gonna use it but some feedback from ya’ll would be great!

I assume this is the book Vincent read part of… <LINK_TEXT text=“ … ce&s=books”></LINK_TEXT>

People seem to give it a good review. Apparently there’s a movie w/ the same title, a whole series of novels and an old comic strip. And they’re all about a “female 007”. Word.

all the info you’ll need, hopefully.

well I was in a library yesterday

and I’ve seen this comic book named "Modesty Blaise"

for what I’ve seen it’s pretty pulp style

it’s probably made from the book Vincent is reading

guess who it was by…Some guy named Jim HOLDAWAY

that’s Mr.Orange’s boss in ResDogs

It may be a reference, it may be fate…I’ll ask QT next time I get to see him :wink:

Just so you know there is a movie on DVD called “Quentin Tarantino Presents My Name is Modesty” Directed by Scott Spiegel. It’s an Ok movie meant to be a Prequel to the books. There is an interview with Quentin and Spiegel on the DVD and a separate Interview with the creator.


I didn’t know that

worth buying it?

there’s also a modesty blaise movie from 1966 directed by joseph losey