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Mistery of Marsllus

Geez, what crawled up your ass and died?

haha, what if that actually happened

hahaha wait what if his own head crawled up his ass



As long as you and Buono are around.  :slight_smile:[/quote]







The real mystery here is Buono’s avatar. What the fuck is that. Curious George got replaced by that?

Hey DNS, go back to yer multiplex and watch Torque and the Butterfly Effect a few more times. :-*



HAHAHAHAHAHA. I was expecting quality stuff. I knew I got ya there.



plus there is no reference in the Bible that described Satan taking souls from the back of the neck.[/quote]
LOL,idiot…yes there is :-/


As long as you and Buono are around.  :slight_smile:[/quote]

What the hell did we do?

Nothing. Absolutely nothing.

Maybe my new avatar will make Bullet less of a bitch.

[quote]Maybe my new avatar will make Bullet less of a bitch.[/quote]

You got that right!

Yuo can’t be pissed when you’re looking at Flock of Seagulls bro. He should be hanging up in the U.N. Building.

Trans, stick in this in yo pocket cuz

Dead Nigga hands Trans the Best Avatar Award

I’d like to thank the Academy… :slight_smile:

My Avatar rules.

Pei Mei’s eyebrows bug the crap out of me though. I got the Kill Bill montage poster with The Bride, Bill, Go-Go, Elle, and Pei Mei on it, and I can’t stop looking at tose giant caterpillars and wanting to just rip them off.

Woah you can actually see my avatar?

All I see on my computer is a big fuckin white box. And yes, Pai Mei does rule. 8)