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Misheard movie lines

Have you ever misheard or misinterpreted a line from a movie as something really stupid? The first time I saw Pulp Fiction I was really young and so didn’t understand much of the drug references. When Jules asks Vincent “tell me about the hash bars again” I thought he said “tell me about the hash browns again” and so for a while I thought hash browns were illegal in Holland. A few years later I watched it again and thought “oooooh, I get it.”.

Yeah. I do that all the time. I guess the stupidest one was when my brother and I were little. We watched Back to the Future, and the part where Marty see’s George up the tree with the binoculars, he goes “He’s a peeping Tom”. We both thought he said “Piece of peepee cock”. It was so stupid. We watched it so many times, and always heard the same thing.

I remember the first time I watched Pulp Fiction, I could have sworn the first time Mia said “Fox Force Five”, she said “Fucks Fours Five”. I said “What?” in my head at the same time Vincent said “What?”